Week 5 PC

Players and Parents,

This Friday was a huge milestone for our program. Not only did we defeat an undefeated opponent, we did so on Homecoming, something that has not been done in 11 years. Each year one of our three main goals is to win Homecoming, we have has several close calls the last 5 years, but this year we pulled it out. I am so happy that the players had the opportunity to feel the pride associated with representing your school on a big stage, and giving the community reason to be rally around you. I am proud of how we performed with great effort all night, and withstood a good teams surge in the final minutes, and did not fold under the pressure. Thank you to all the parents that helped make it such a special week for the guys.

We have been talking with the players about effort and satisfaction the last few weeks. It is easy to be satisfied with a great win, and not feel like you need to give much effort this week. Great teams are satisfied only when max effort is given, a new plateau is reached, and the bar is set higher. Each week needs to be a frantic effort to reach our new best. We will continue that journey this week. On to Park Center.

Our quote to focus on this week is from Joe Paterno.

“Today you’ve got a decision to make. You’re gonna get BETTER or your gonna get WORSE, but you’re not gonna stay the same. Which will it be?” - Joe Paterno- If we are not focused on moving the needle every day, we will go backwards. Its easy to find the energy to give max effort after a devastating loss, this week we need to develop our ability to give our best effort no matter the task in front of us.


Coach Fuller

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