Week 3 HS

Players and Parents,

Last week didn't go our way on the playing field on all three levels. Like I mentioned before the varsity game to the team, whether we win or lose, we will be back at practice Monday focusing on Leveling Up. The season is a marathon and the teams that continue to improve, stay together, stay focused, and overcome adversity are the teams that not only see the success on the field, but are the teams who can feel successful not mater the outcome of the games.

Which brings me to our focus quote of the week, which is an African proverb quoted by many others. It is one of my favorite quotes, because it is simple but says it all.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” - African Proverb-

In life we usually learn more from he mistakes we make, and the process it takes to correct them. Football is the same as life. We will address the issues we had last week and respond, and grow from it.


Huddle Club Meeting

Monday 9/9/19 6:30pm in Career Center- All parents invited/encouraged to attend. GET INVOLVED YOU WON'T REGRET IT

Parents Continue to Sign Up for Volunteering

Jobs little to big are all important to the program, so please donate your time if you can. 9th Grade Parents- Reminder you should be signed up for at least one home game for the concession stand.

Link to Sign-Ups

New flickr Photo Site- Week 2 Pics Up

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Week 3 Henry Sibley -2019