Week 2 NSP

Players and Parents,

Week one didn't go as we would of hoped for all three levels of play in our program. We had many positives to take away from each of our losses, and our attitudes, effort, and character were Top Notch across the board. This week we will focus on how we handle adversity as a program. We know in football and life adversity can and will strike at any time in any situation, big or small. How we handle it determines our outcomes or what we get. Across all levels we had a lead at some point in each of our games. Our opponents answered and put our backs against the wall, and we didn't execute well enough to respond to that adversity and come away victorious. Albert Einstein said "Adversity introduces a man to himself" and this coming week we need to answer- who we are as a football program? How will we respond when things didn't go our way in a big way? I know in my gut that we are a team that will respond to disappointment with the increased effort, attention to detail, and positive growth mindsets, that will put us back on track in week #2 against North St. Paul.

The coaching staff and I are looking forward to the challenge ahead of us this week, and watching/ helping guide each player respond in a way that gets us where we know we should be. I hope you all enjoy some family time and rest the next two days, are are ready to get back to work Tuesday.

REMINDER- During the school year team meetings start at 3:25pm in LL17, that gives players 10 minutes to get from 6th period class to football. This period of time is intentionally short. We need players to clear the halls and get where they should be ASAP, and not leave getting prepared for practice until after school. Once the school year gets rolling, players who need to meet with teachers should still report to LL17 after school, and check in with the coach taking attendance, then go to the teacher. This ensures we know where all players are and can hold them accountable.

Week 2 NSP-2018.pdf