Standards Addressed in Fourth Grade

Inquiry, Research, and Problem Solving:

The student will learn a continuous cycle of questioning, gathering, synthesizing, evaluating, and using information individually and collaboratively to create new knowledge and apply it to real world situations.

  • Understand the various ways that information is organized and be able to find a wide range of information sources needed to respond to defined questions and needs.
    1. Understand and use Dewey Decimal System to locate non-fiction materials.
    2. Use Boolean Operatives to perform searches with multiple keywords.
    3. Understand how to access and use the library's online databases.

Expanding Literacies:

Read, view, listen and communicate in any format for a variety of purposes.

  • Use tools for locating print and electronic materials appropriate for their needs.
  • Comprehend information gathered from a variety of diverse sources, using different skills required by specific methods of delivery and formats.

Technology Use and Concepts:

Explore multiple technologies, evaluate their suitability for the desired educational or personal task, and apply the tools needed.

  • Understand and use technology equipment.
  • Perform basic operations of computer and network use.
  • Transfer knowledge and adapt strategies from one technology to another.

Ethical Participation in a Global Society:

The student will participate productively in the global learning community and demonstrate safe, ethical, legal and responsible behavior in the use of information and technology

  • Understand and follow acceptable use policies and laws regulating use of information.
  • Use facilities and equipment respectfully and independently.
  • Avoid plagiarism and respect concepts of intellectual property.

*Source: Minnesota Department of Education K-12 Academic Standards: Information and Technology Standards ~ MEMO 2009

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