Second Grade Smarties

News & Events

May 18, Second Grade Family Mass

May 22, Carnival Week

May 29, Memorial Day

June 2, Field Day

June 6, End of Year Mass

June 7 & 8, 12:30 Dismissal

June 9, Last Day of school

What We're Learning in Second Grade...5/15/17-5/19/17

Language Arts

    • Students will create their own summer spelling words this week
    • Identify the author's purpose, main idea, and details in a text
    • Explain how main idea, topic and details are linked


    • Create and interpret survey information presented in bar graph, pictograph, and line forms


    • How Jesus is made present during Eucharistic prayer

Social Studies

    • Producers, consumers and goods
      • What are service jobs?
      • What are goods and why do we trade them?
Flash Cards to Send to Parents.pdf