Weekly highlight

Showing some of the work sent in this week!


artwork + sketches by Aidan Breakie

Life Through the Lense

The light beats against my eye

The last reminders of a golden age

All is left as time marches on

Displayed on celluloid sheets

Tucked within a reel of steel and plastic

Once seen only beneath the red sun.

Toxic fumes and vats of liquid

Used to pull me into reality

Like life itself, my existence is to

Be remembered. solely to be viewed by others

I have seen much, perhaps too much-

I have seen war, and peace

Love and hate, birth and death

the world once revolved around my aperture

I went to space, and explored the solar system

I have seen the many moons of Jupiter and Saturn

I have seen the vast depths of space, and have stared

into the Abyss, although it also stared into me

Its mark forever imbedded upon sheets, displayed

behind walls of glass. Some of my children shoved in

shoeboxes, or imprisoned within filing cabinets.

Deep underground, too important to destroy-

too important to be seen. I have been lost in fires

and drowned in floods- entire books of me, documenting

a slice of history destroyed, left only in the minds of others.

As the film of the world goes on, my individual frames remain,

as sole reminders of a world gone by- the last bastions

of a bygone era. My creators and their original purposes

long since vanished. Kodak and Polaroid- my parents- abandoned me

Too expensive to keep up, too old to remain relevant- left behind, trampled

beneath the boots of progress. Those who took me, loved me, and

I loved them. I was a way of life I was a way of seeing memories

Now I myself am a memory- a memory and nothing more.

Cas Cornish

"I feel like there's alot more people who come to every meeting who are willing to sit and listen and share out which is so great to see and such a huge improvement from past years. I've seen this club grow from maybe one or two people sharing or speaking out per week to so many people being attentive and wanting to show off what they got. Even with the club not fully in swing yet, it's crazy. "

Heard you had an interest meeting.

We All was very proud to have their first interest meeting of the 2019-2020 school year- and boy, was it interesting. Sign Up Genius had to be updated twice to accommodate all of the students. Some members went as far to sneak in or get hand-written passes. Thank you to all that came. Below is some photography from that meeting, courtesy of PJ Lombardozzi!

Silver Linings Playbook

i am scared

that you saw my silver lining and mistook it for a fantasy-like glimmer dancing across my eyes,

that the small edge of me you loved wasn’t a reality but instead a hallucination;

that the crush was your drug and i was the high received,

the momentary feeling of flight, light-

like nothing could hurt you.

but it’s been a while.

did you sober up?

or did you find that all that glitters is not gold?

GRace Bentley

"I have to say that with every small step we take to bettering the club, the more excited I am for the next large scale project we put out there. This weekly highlight is something I've always wanted to pursue, and here we are! I hope our readers enjoy it."


Grace has been running We All for the previous two years and is very happy to finally finish this weekly highlight after far too many after school events this November.

Josiah returns! Pictured above is the previous host & creator of We All, who came to visit and deliver a message to new generations of MOT students changing the world through art.

PJ Lombardozzi

When asked about the club and it's recent strides forward in development, PJ said this.

"I think We All's been going great. I've had an amazing time working with my peers and teaching others to shoot photography. I've personally enjoyed the enriching experience of working in such a lush, diverse, and homely club and am looking forward to spending even more time in the club in the future."

PJ Lombardozzi's work, some of which was previously featured as well as EXCLUSIVE pieces, just for this weekly installment!

MAtthew Njue

to be continued in the next highlight...

I have wanted to talk to you for a long time now. I think that you’re excellent, and your passion for life is brilliant. I want to be like you.

I’ve been noticing you for a long time, you know. I like the way you carry yourself. I love the way you speak.

Maybe you were shy, but didn’t show it, you know? I can’t remember it too well now.




weekly competitions

We All is thrilled to announce the first round of weekly competitions. Hosted by various members and changing throughout the year, these themes are student submitted and teacher judged. Check the official We All Schoology page for more information & submission forms.


Submit your poetry to Gabriel Morales- this competition's theme is anything related to the seasons. He's thrilled to take on a leadership position and to "help kids find a little bit of art in themselves."


Bri Cordova is happy to share and host her first art competition with the world. Her pick? Anything that reminds you of fall.


PJ Lombardozzi, We All's leading photographer, is also happy to share his ideas with the club. Like his fellow leaders, he has decided to use autumn as his pivotal artistic direction and influence.

ASaiahya Green

Everyone falls short of glory.


...all but myself. My glory is eternal, not from my achievements but from the sick judgment of people. They don’t think that I would do such reckless behavior.

Their “straightforward” statistics is their failure. I saw their loops and plot holes to my advantage. Now they watch fearfully and stunned as their proud and prideful kingdom fell.

The kingdom that they called their home, now just ashes and dust.

This, is my last hurrah.

Are you satisfied now?

Gabriel Morales

It's here in the dark moments

Here in the timeless spirals

where I can't find the light

that you reach in

and make everything right.

It is when I feel like I'm falling,

when there's no turning back

that you reel me back in

and keep me from drowning.

You are the reason

that I sleep most nights

that the nightmares fade away.

You are the reason

that I continue to move

continue to fight

continue to love.

You are the reason

that I never give up

that I never give in

that I'm always pushing harder.

I am determined

for you

I am not afraid

for you

I am alive

for you.

I will move mountains

I will bend steel

I will fly with no wings

for you.

You have pulled me out

of my own self-destruction,

You have woken me up

from countless nightmares

You have dragged me out of bed




You have never given up on me,

no matter how far I fall,

no matter how fast I run,

no matter how many times I slump to my knees

and refuse to get up.

You are my rock

my friend,

my heart,

my stability,

my determination.

You are my friend,

who knows me better than myself

who isn't afraid to tell me the truth.

Thank you.

For faith,

for love,

and for simply

being here.

Thank you for being here, friend.

Got questions? Want to be featured in the next highlight? Email Grace at gracebentley@motcharter.com with any and all questions.

Thank you for tuning in!