Our health care is unsustainable. In the 1990’s a bottle of insulin cost $10, now it is $300-700. It doesn’t cost that much more to produce now than it did back then. The generic pipeline for these types of biologicals is broken or non existent and needs to be updated and enforced.

My number one focus is on healthcare. Currently our healthcare system is unsustainable. We must guarantee everyone has affordable access to the best healthcare possible. We must enact a system that is sustainable.

Education & Workforce

Community colleges are the biggest economic drivers in rural America. There is currently a critical skills gap that exists between the labor needed and the labor provided. We need to ensure we have affordable career pathways for people to become educated for the careers that offer higher wages and most importantly are in demand.

Gun Rights and Safety

I support the second amendment and believe we should have a nation wide conceal carry permit system. As a parent, and health care provider we need to make sure we are using a common sense approach to gun legislation in order to ensure the safety of all Americans.

As examples, we can close the boyfriend loophole that currently exists and also make sure our gun laws are actually being enforced. In in order to relieve the burden on local agencies, federal funding for school resource officers and school security is also needed.

Also, we need to reinstate federal funding to research gun safety.


We used to be a nation that waged war on poverty, now it feels like we are waging war on the poorest of Americans. We have to make sure our programs are giving a hand up to increase and strengthen the middle class ensuring they have an opportunity to earn a living wage. We must continue to address federal waste and abuse in our system. Additionally, we have to come up with strategies to tackle the federal deficit. In regards to our military spending, we must support our troops and bring them home from the Middle East. The cost of the Iraq war will be felt for many decades and we must bring our troops and money back from the Middle East for investment in 15th district. Thank you.