"My name is Craig Morton, and I'm running to be your next Representative in Congress and represent the 15th House District. I am a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Illinois, and small business owner. I have three kids and a wife of 20 years and was born and raised in this district. I'm disgusted of our leaders taking extreme views, and not getting anything done. I want to represent the great people of Illinois' 15th. I'm not an extreme liberal or conservative, but hope to bring a common sense approach to Washington. I'm asking for your vote on March 17th for the 15th Congressional Democratic Primary."

-Craig Morton



In the 1990’s a bottle of insulin cost $10, now it is $300-700. It doesn’t cost that much more to produce now than it did back then. They are running a commercial for Enbrel and they bragged they had 20 years experience selling the drug when the patent should have run out long ago. The process for generic biological medicines which is the majority of the prescription commercials you see on TV is broken or non existent and needs to be updated and enforced. In addition, the federal government should be negotiating the price of prescription drugs.

Climate Change

We can not keep sticking our head in the sand and ignoring the fact that climate change is a real thing. For generations we have not prioritized climate change. We must support increasing energy efficiency, modernizing the electric grid, investing in research and technology to reduce our carbon footprint. We need to provide incentives for companies and individuals to lower emissions.


We used to be a nation that waged war on poverty, now it feels like we are waging war on the poorest of Americans. We have to make sure our programs are giving a hand up to increase and strengthen the middle class ensuring they have an opportunity to earn a living wage. We must also address federal waste and abuse in our system. Additionally, we have to come up with strategies to tackle the federal deficit. In regards to our military spending, which is currently about 1/6 of our national budget, we must support our troops and bring them home from the Middle East. The cost of the Iraq war will be felt for many decades and we must bring our troops and money back from the Middle East for investment in 15th district.