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MortgageQuote Canada Corp. is the ONLY finance sector firm in Canada whose risk-based integrated Quality Management System (iQMS™) is certified to meet the rigorous 'National Standard of Canada' for Quality Management, published by CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association).

According to the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), a federal Crown corporation which reports to Parliament through the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada: Standards help to ensure better, safer and more efficient methods and products, and are an essential element of technology, innovation and trade.

In accordance with the Government of Canada’s Cabinet Directive on Regulatory Management, the National Standard of Canada for Quality Management is adopted from world-class international standards, namely, the quality management system standard ISO 9001, published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) [based in Switzerland], of which Canada is a founding member.

Since 2008, no other Canadian Bank, Financial Institution, Lender, Fiduciary and Non-Fiduciary Investment Advisor/Broker and Financial Technology Company is able to make this claim. As a consumer, investor, regulator or stakeholder in Canada's finance sector, given today's market conditions in the finance sector, we trust you agree that it's a claim worth making.

Remember your local news reports; consider all of the incidents of statutory, regulatory and process non-compliance committed by banks, financial organizations and their employees and agents - resulting in losses to consumers, investors, judicial action and regulatory fines and penalties. As a consumer, investor, regulator or stakeholder, ask your self, "why not seek better?" In today's world of risk, if your current financial services provider (bank, lender, investment advisor, mortgage broker) cannot provide you with a certifiable, quality managed approach to serving your financial needs with better, safer and more efficient methods and products, ask your Bank or Finance Company President & CEO: WHY NOT?

Standards Organizational Hierarchy in Canada

International Standards Body:

National Member:

Secretariat for the International Committee

ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 were all published as National Standards in Canada by CSA Group:

Standards Council of Canada (SCC), an organization that co-ordinates Canada’s National Standards System:

Trusted Canadian & Global Industry Sector Leaders with ISO-Level Quality Management Systems Certification



Incorporated in 2006, with over a decade of experience, you have not seen a company like MortgageQuote Canada Corp. (MQCC) in Canada's finance sector before, because it has never existed before.

MortgageQuote Canada Corp. (MQCC) - #1 in Canada for Quality Management-in-Finance since 2008

Recognized as the Global Leader for Trust & Confidence by World Economic Forum (WEF) Standards

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"Given that MortgageQuote Canada Corp. is certified to the National Standard of Canada for Quality Management, the empirical studies that form the basis of our technology and prove the levels of cost savings, revenue increase and profit increase, cannot be overlooked."

Anoop Bungay

Founder, President & CEO; MortgageQuote Canada Corp.

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A Message to Consumers & Industry: Financial Products and Services, Certified Quality Management Systems

Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) Comments

Regarding Participants in the Finance Sector:

“Strong compliance systems are critical to investor protection and market confidence,” said Jeff Kehoe, Director of Enforcement at the OSC. “We expect registrants to have effective controls in place to deal fairly with clients [....], and to correct non-compliant conduct in a timely manner.” Source

Certified to the National Standard of Canada for Quality Management, MortgageQuote Canada Corp.'s technology certifiably solves this problem for OSC (and all securities regulated) organizations.

Financial Regulatory Compliance & Operations Technology for Financial Products-Services

(A Canadian Technology, World’s First: ISO 9001:2015­ Certified Statutory and Regulatory Compliant Integrated Quality Management System for the Finance Sector)

MortgageQuote Canada Corp. is the world leader in providing real-time accountable, OSFI- (Canada), OCC- (USA) and Other Regulatory Body (RECA/FICOM/FSCO/MSC - Canada & International), certifiably statutory-, regulatory- and process-compliant, operational, reporting & audit technology to the banking & finance sector.

In 2006, we developed what is today, the world's first bespoke ISO 9001:2015 certified, litigation tested, risk-based integrated Quality Management System (iQMS™) designed to enable continual statutory and regulatory compliance and to prevent statutory and regulatory nonconformity events; for the following scope: "provision of mortgage banking ("lending" in Canada) and mortgage brokerage services".

Our patent-pending and proprietary, continually improving world-class iQMS™ technology creates measurable levels of efficiency, quality, trust & confidence for the three critical risk management functions of a regulated and non-regulated financial sector company: Business (Operations), Enterprise (Compliance) and Governance (Audit) within a transparent ecosystem.

MortgageQuote Canada Corp. is the only company in Canada's finance sector, whose risk-based integrated Quality Management System technology is built on Standards that are both: recognized by 163 countries, including the Canadian Federal Government; and certified thereto, by an Accredited Certification Body: "to safeguard consumers and users of [financial] products and services ..."

At MortgageQuote Canada Corp. "We do what we say and say what we do"; this approach "Makes Banking, Finance & Investing Better"

THIS is what MortgageQuote uses to lend money, invest money and manage money. What does your bank or financial company use?

MortgageQuote Canada Corp. (MQCC) is dedicated to "best practices"; the MQCC integrated Quality Management System iQMS (TM) allows us to manage all aspects of every transaction and meet our commitments to clients in a disciplined and professional manner. Is your bank or financial institution able to say that ? If not, why not?

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International Concordance & Standards Development Organizations

Systems Certification to International Quality Management Standards

"This product or applicable management system complies with ANSI ISO 9001:2015 standard, with CAN/CSA-ISO 9001:16 standard, with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard."

All Systems Auditors are Accredited by or Members of:


to where Quality lives (TM)

Founding member of CQMFA Certified Quality Management-in-Finance Association

FSCO #12279: Ontario, Canada

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