Non-Federally Regulated Financial Entities & Other Industry Sectors

Professional Services Companies

  • Business Process Outsourcing Firms
  • Discretionary Asset Management
  • Legal Firms
  • Trustees and related Professional Service Companies
  • Wealth Management Companies

If you are in the above industries, you are able to license and deploy MortgageQuote's credit intermediation ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems technology, for your yourselves AND for your clientele of high net worth investors, family foundations, federally regulated (FRFI) banks, Provincially Regulated (CSA, RECA, FSCO, FICOM) lenders and related credit intermediary firms.

ISO 9001:2015 is a strategic competitive advantage in the international Professional Service Industry because management systems that are certified to ISO 9001:2015 provides prima facie internationally accepted and indisputable third-party proof that a core business or investment process is Certified Regulatory Compliant to the jurisdictions to which they are subject or the governing principles of the founders, or both.

For trustees and fiduciary investment advisors, international investors and wealth private families who earned their wealth in industries where tolerance for performance non-conformity is unacceptable, namely manufacturing, healthcare and engineering, understand how valuable an effective implementation of Swiss-based ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards are in contributing to trust and confidence of a business or investment operation.

Trustees, Discretionary Investment Managers and Risk Managers can provide their clients with a platform that is immediately recognized by the international community as a way to ensure their business and investment company interests are managed effectively for the long term in a transparent, accountable and verifiable manner.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms who serve the needs of a clientele of mortgage investor-lenders is able to licensed MortgageQuote's regulatory compliant, mortgage origination technology so that they can operate at the highest and best standards their clients. Make your BPO transparent and accountable at all levels, for your investor-lenders.

Professional Services Company Applications of ISO 9001:2015

1 - Apply MortgageQuote's ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System platform for the management of companies, foundations (private and public) and trusts for your clientele for whom quality and trust is of utmost important.

2 - Develop bespoke international investment funds for investing in primary mortgage securities using our ISO 9001:2015 certified mortgage banking platform in international (non-Canada, non-USA) markets.

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Professional Liability Insurers

Open Letter to Professional Liability Insurers

In the interests of public service, risk reduction and liability cost reduction, we seek to have errors and omissions insurance companies require that all mortgage brokers who seek to trade in either mortgage transactions or specifically, PRIVATE LENDING mortgage transactions, to utilize MortgageQuote's ISO 9001:2015 certified, litigation-tested, proprietary, Integrated Mortgage Processing and Quality Management System for processing their transactions. A simple system of operation that ensures statutory, regulatory and process (SRP™) compliance is maintained in order to reduce errors and omissions claims.

Real Life Business Problem that we Solve:

Experienced Errors and Omissions Insurance professionals state that that the biggest complaint of a mortgage brokerage firm and their agents, when subject to either a valid or frivolous E&O claim, is that the broker or agent 'did nothing wrong', but cannot effectively prove it - in an objective manner. Well now you can.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified, regulatory compliant, litigation-tested, proprietary, unified Mortgage Processing and Quality Management System mortgage operations engine is designed to ensure mortgage brokers operate in a manner that minimizes E&O claims and if a claim arises, is the basis of proving whether or not a mistake was made. There are over 1000 steps to a mortgage transaction and at MortgageQuote, each and every step is documented and managed for quality by real-time validation.

The system is designed to minimize errors, omissions, "willful blindness" events and related processing errors by licensed agents and unlicensed employees. The MQCC "engine" is is both a management system and quality management system for a mortgage brokerage firm.

While the system works for all types of mortgage transactions, we have found it is very effective for controlling the quality of private mortgage transactions which tend to be more profitable than non-private mortgage transactions. And an area of the industry that would best benefit from a system such as this.

Actuaries, underwriters or liablity insurance professionals may contact us at info[at]

Non-Financial or Not-For-Profit Entities Foundations & Trusts (private and public)

You have worked your whole life to build a networth and you have specific long-term wishes that you would like to maintain.

An ISO 9000 quality management system is a way for you and your beneficiaries to be confident in the individuals charged with governance, stewardship and management of your foundation are working efficiently, effectively and in accordance with internationally accepted quality management principles.

Problems that will be addressed with effective ISO 9001:2015 implementation:

  • - Failure to adhere to the founder's guiding principles
  • - Lack of focus by management
  • - Absence of effective reporting
  • - Absence of corrective action mechanisms
  • - Absence of a desire to continually improve

This is the best way to ensure your dream turns into a legacy that will thrive for generations into the future.

Not-for-Profit Directors

Non-Federally Regulated, Purely Private® Credit Intermediation Company Managers & Directors

Purely Private® is defined as Non-Federally Regulated, Non-Syndicated, Private Equity Mortgage Investor-Lender Corporations.

Significantly minimize the risk of ineffective management systems or poor management skills in your credit intermediation business.

Implement a certified or non-certified quality management system today; MortgageQuote will help you.

Shareholders will appreciate it; and so will you.

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