FINTECH+REGTECH+PROCESSTECH+International Standards=CertifiedQualTech

& Digital Transformation

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MortgageQuote Canada Corp. has proven that the merger of #FinTech + #RegTech + ProcessTech + International Standards creates:

A Certified Statutory, Regulatory and Process Compliant, Quality Managed Ecosystem for the Finance Sector

AKA: #CertifiedQualTech

BBOSS: Certified Risk Based Integrated Quality Management Systems in Finance

Certified Statutory, Regulatory and Process (SRP™) Compliant "SANDBOX" Ecosystem for developing "FinTech" Organizations

MortgageQuote helps fintechs by bringing together finance, technology and regulations within an operating ecosystem that is certified statutory, regulatory and process compliant manner.

Securities regulation may apply to you if your business involves:

  • Digital platforms that connect investors with firms seeking to raise capital.
  • Lending platforms that allow investors to fund loans (or portions of loans).
  • Technology and/or data-driven investment activities or advice, including online advice.
  • Investor networks and organizations, and the platforms that support them.

Source OSC (Canada) and their equivalent in Australia and UK.

International Integration for a Global Financial World

MortgageQuote's iQMS™ technology is certified to the National Standards of Canada and it's equivalent in Australia and UK.

  • integrates within the Canada (Ontario) - Australia Co-Operation Agreement between Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) @asicmedia & Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) @OSC_News.
  • integrates within the Canada (Ontario) - United Kingdom Co-Operation Agreement between Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) @TheFCA & Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) @OSC_News.