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Established in 2005, is a self-regulated organization which oversees Peer-to-Peer (P2P) & Private Lending industry participants who primarily trade in private, real-estate secured financial transactions. is home to Canada's first and only certified regulatory compliant private equity mortgage investor-lender network, consisting of accredited, non-accredited and Accredited Class® private investors; namely, private individuals and private corporations (non-institutional and non-regulated), who are able to invest private equity funds into real estate on an "unrestricted basis", primarily in the form of mortgage security.

The Global Standard for Quality in Non-Bank, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Private Lender InteractionsTM

Note to Reader: Why is, a Canadian financial services network, able to lay claim to setting a global standard? Well, for one thing, according to the World Economic Forum, Canada is Ranked #1 for Trustworthiness and confidence: Soundness of Banks, continuously since 2008, so we Canadians know a thing or two about getting this right in the finance sector.


  1. Transcripts from a Loan Interview
  3. Un-managed Private Lending is Risky for Borrowers, Investor-Lenders & Brokers
  4. Looking for a Private Lender-Private Mortgage (Private Equity Mortgage PEM (TM)?

Transcripts from a Loan Interview

Applicant:’re a private lender...?

Applicant: Well….before I answer your multiple questions about my financial details, my SIN/SSN number, my income, employment and family information, let me ask you one question:

“Can You Prove It?”

(prove you really are a private lender)

(prove you really have the means to help me)

(prove you are not trying to take advantage of me)

(prove you will keep my information safe and secure from theft, even if I do not accept your terms)

(prove you will work with me if things go bad)

(prove you are not taking my information and re-selling to other people)

Loan Salesperson: Leaves room without looking back.

In accordance with multiple jurisdictions and regulatory requirements, let PrivateLenderCheck.orgTM help with your peer-to-peer (P2P) and private investor-lender authentication and compliance requirements.

Fraudsters can sometimes solicit mortgage applications from trusting, unsuspecting mortgage applicants and well-meaning but unqualified mortgage brokers. To help prevent this sort of abuse, your mortgage broker should be participating in, which gives real estate owners more control over what their broker does with private financial and personal information, when dealing with legitimate peer-to-peer (P2P) and private lenders.

Who are are: is the authentication, audit and enforcement division of PEMI® the Private Equity Mortgage Institute.

Un-managed Private Lending is Risky for Borrowers, Investor-Lenders & Brokers

Yes, Private Lending can be VERY RISKY! helps make it safe for you!

Avoid the incompetence, misrepresentation and the fraud - work with P2PLTM member of

What is a private lender? Any lender that is NOT: a bank, treasury branch, credit union, loan corporation, trust corporation,

insurance company nor any person engaged in the business of making loans. A private lender is a private individual who chooses to invests his or her accumulated wealth by loaning it to other persons on an occasional basis, either personally or through a privately held corporation.

In a phrase, private lenders are: "People Investing in People"TM

If you are applying for money from somebody who represents themselves as a private lender, contact us before you sign any papers: info[at]

Borrowers: (if you are a borrower) - ensures that the broker (finance-, loan-, mortgage-) or lender who is looking at your credit score, personal information, income information and other family information, is credible. Why does it matter....? Click Here

Brokers: (if you are a broker) - ensures that a person who holds themselves out to be a "private lender" is qualified to do so. Why does it matter....? Click Here

Investors & Lenders: (if you are an investor or lender) - privatelender.og ensures that a broker who originates transactions for you, is adhering to the obligations of their jurisdiction. Why does it matter....? Click Here

Accreditation does not mean that the private lender's products or services have been endorsed by nor does it mean that endorses the products. Investors who seek to lend money privately are not obligated to seek accreditation, nor may they choose to seek accreditation.

Only Accredited Class® Private Equity Mortgage (PEMTM) Investor-Lender (APLTM) are proven to provide fully compliant, non-bank debt solutions with a focus on quality resulting in the highest levels of borrower satisfaction. Look for the APL designation whenever you are seeking non-institutional credit. Demand it.

Risk, Accreditation & Education


  • Accredited Class® Private Lender Designation
  • Canada Mortgage Industry Government Regulators
    • Alberta (AB) - RECA
    • British Columbia (BC) - FICOM
    • Manitoba (MB) - MSC
      • Advertising on the Internet - Policies and Directives
      • Mortgage Broker Referral Fees NOT Allowed
      • Mortgage Broker's Act
    • Ontario (ON) - FSCO
  • Canadian Securities Regulatory Notice for Mortgage Investment
  • Peer-to-Peer & Private Lending Risk
  • Risk Reduction through Compliance & Simplicity
  • Risk Reduction through Quality Standards: PEM Institute
  • APLUS® Underwriting Standard (
  • Appraisers & Appraisals
  • Mortgage Default & Enforcement
  • Defense to Foreclosure

Direct Private Mortgage Investment-Lending


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  • What is Private Lending - Why be a Private Lender?
  • Why do People Borrow Money from Private Lending Sources?
  • Private Lending & Peer-to-Peer Lending - what's in a name?
  • Private Borrower Declaration - "Invest in We"


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