MQCC MortgageBrokerCheck™

Canadian and International Customers

Licensed Mortgage Broker, Borrower or Investor-Lender Transaction Audit Services

Either as a borrower or investor-lender, did your mortgage broker introduce, market or recommend or otherwise function in a manner that would have otherwise convinced you to get a mortgage or a so-called "private mortgage" and are not happy with it?

Where you provided with the legal standard of care by the mortgage broker, as required by law? IE: Fiduciary Standard of Care; if you are legislatively defined as a private lender, then this is commonly the standard of care required by almost all jurisdictions in Canada, including Alberta, Ontario and BC.

  • Was the experience you went through comfortable? IE: were you subject to delays? Undisclosed costs? Or other action that gave you the feeling of discomfort?
  • Were you aware or made aware of what you were getting yourself into?
  • Are you concerned that your mortgage broker was not licensed or, was not working in accordance to the regulatory requirements of their license, or any other concern which caused you to lose time, money or personal grief?
  • Was your licensed mortgage broker not sufficiently competent? Did they fail to establish their role with you? Did they fail in their duty to you?

Do a MQCC Mortgage Broker Check™!

Perfect for

  • Law suits (criminal, civil, errors or omissions)
  • Evidence gathering
  • Peace of Mind

Multiple Standards

  • Information Only Standard (by non-licensed internal auditors)
  • Peer Reviewed Standard (by non-licensed internal auditors, reviewed by licensed professionals)
  • Expert Witness Standard
  • Certifiable Results


MQCC Mortgage Broker Check™ is an initiative of MortgageQuote Canada Corp. (MQCC). If you have an existing mortgage and feel that you might be subject to loss caused by a mortgage broker who did not act in their role with the requirements of their regulatory jurisdiction, then contact us.

  • For a fee, the MQCC Mortgage Broker Check™ team will review and audit your mortgage transaction file and provide you with a report with information regarding the requirements of the mortgage licensing jurisdiction which governs your mortgage transaction and how your mortgage broker can provide objective evidence that they fulfilled or did not fulfill their legal statutory, regulatory or process (SRP™) obligations to you.