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Licensed to Beat or Bypass ®

the Canadian (global) Banking System

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Unconditional Commitment

Unconditional ResultsTM

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Mortgage Funding

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FIGHTING CHANCE™: Foreclosure Intervention Services (FIS™), CRA Canada Revenue Agency Mitigation Financing (CRA MF™), Maintenance Enforcement Financing (MEF0153)

"Helping good people in bad situations."™

Canada's ONLY Certified Statutory, Regulatory & Process Compliant approach towards Foreclosure Intervention.

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Investors: What to learn how to "Be the Bank®"


Before you Apply

Before you Apply to MortgageQuote Canada Corp., Please Read "Before you Apply" Document - It Guides our Work Activity With You at MortgageQuote Canada Corp.

Traditional Mortgage Products


    • General Mortgage Products: First Mortgages, Second/Third/Other Mortgages, New Purchase, Re-Finance, Debt Consolidation, Self Employed, New Immigrant, Secured Visa, US Citizen/Canadian Non Resident/Foreign National, Prior Bankruptcy Program, Jumbo Mortgage, 75% Stated Program, 24 Month Bank Statement Mortgages, Commercial Mortgages, Muslim Mortgages, Church Mortgages, Disaster Relief, Remediation & Grow Op (Legal Setup and Illegal Remediation) Mortgages, Remediation Requests, Mortgage Insurance

Innovative Mortgage Products


    • Bitmortgage (TM): the Bitmortgage brand of peer-to-peer (& private) real estate secured financial instruments and peer-to-peer electronic cash systems (mortgages via fiat and non-fiat digital, cryptocurrency) is the highest quality product of it's kind in the marketplace.

MortgageQuote Canada Corp. is the Global Network Administrator for Bitmortgage

Private Equity Mortgage (TM) Products

The Power of Equity: ® Let your equity work for youTM

The Power of Private Lending:® Options When You Don't Have AnyTM

Your Private Equity Mortgage SolutionTM

True Private Lenders, True Private Lending®

Purely Private®

Home to the Venture Capital, High Ratio Private Mortgage: VenCap PRV®

Mortgage Origination Programs


MortgageQuote Videos

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MortgageQuote Academy

The Academy at MortgageQuote Canada Corp. delivers Canada-specific education material on behalf of the Private Equity Mortgage Institute (PEMI)®

Courses are designed for:

  • Private Equity Mortgage Investor-Lenders
  • Licensed Mortgage Brokers
  • General Public

Borrower Be Aware(TM) Program

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Custom Seminars


Email info[at] to learn about custom 1:1 seminars, available online or in-person.

Borrower Rewards

Canada's only reward program for the credit intermediation industry. Let us surprise you!

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