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Licensed to Beat or Bypass ®

the Canadian (global) Banking System

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Unconditional Commitment

Unconditional ResultsTM

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Mortgage Funding

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FIGHTING CHANCE™: Foreclosure Intervention Services (FIS™), CRA Canada Revenue Agency Mitigation Financing (CRA MF™), Maintenance Enforcement Financing (MEF0153)

"Helping good people in bad situations."™

Canada's ONLY Certified Statutory, Regulatory & Process Compliant approach towards Foreclosure Intervention.

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Investors: What to learn how to "Be the Bank®"


Before you Apply

Before you Apply to MortgageQuote Canada Corp., Please Read "Before you Apply" Document - It Guides our Work Activity With You at MortgageQuote Canada Corp.

Traditional Mortgage Products


    • General Mortgage Products: First Mortgages, Second/Third/Other Mortgages, New Purchase, Re-Finance, Debt Consolidation, Self Employed, New Immigrant, Secured Visa, US Citizen/Canadian Non Resident/Foreign National, Prior Bankruptcy Program, Jumbo Mortgage, 75% Stated Program, 24 Month Bank Statement Mortgages, Commercial Mortgages, Muslim Mortgages, Church Mortgages, Disaster Relief, Remediation & Grow Op (Legal Setup and Illegal Remediation) Mortgages, Remediation Requests, Mortgage Insurance

Innovative Mortgage Products


    • Bitmortgage (TM): the Bitmortgage brand of peer-to-peer (& private) real estate secured financial instruments and peer-to-peer electronic cash systems (mortgages via fiat and non-fiat digital, cryptocurrency) is the highest quality product of it's kind in the marketplace.

MortgageQuote Canada Corp. is the Global Network Administrator for Bitmortgage

Private Equity Mortgage PEM® Products

The Power of Equity: ® Let your equity work for youTM

The Power of Private Lending:® Options When You Don't Have AnyTM

Your Private Equity Mortgage SolutionTM

True Private Lenders, True Private Lending®

Purely Private®

Home to the Venture Capital, High Ratio Private Mortgage: VenCap PRV®

(*this is NOT a mortgage product)

Mortgage Origination Programs


MortgageQuote Videos

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MortgageQuote Academy

The Academy at MortgageQuote Canada Corp. delivers Canada-specific education material on behalf of the Private Equity Mortgage Institute (PEMI)®

Courses are designed for:

  • Private Equity Mortgage Investor-Lenders
  • Licensed Mortgage Brokers
  • General Public

Borrower Be Aware(TM) Program

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Custom Seminars


Email info[at] to learn about custom 1:1 seminars, available online or in-person.

Borrower Rewards

Canada's only reward program for the credit intermediation industry. Let us surprise you!

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