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Licensed Positions


PEMP(TM) - Private Equity Mortgage Professional


Investor-Lender Advisor (PEMP-ILA)

Reports to the VP Investments; provides information and advice to prospective and existing investor-lenders within the MortgageQuote Accredited Class® investor-lender network.

In order to authenticate qualified prospects, undertakes regulatory "know-your-client" protocol for all qualified prospects and, if required, existing investor-lender clients.

Liaise between the Investor-Lender client (and/or their appointee) and the MortgageQuote Underwriting Office to discuss all aspects of a potential mortgage investment transaction.

Participates in business development activities including attending tradeshows, seminars, private presentations and one-to-one sessions.

A PEMP desigation is required. Visit Private Equity Mortgage Institute PEMI® to learn more.

Unlicensed Positions


Business Development Department


Licensed Mortgage Broker Channel (BDO-LMBC)

Reports to the VP Marketing & Sales; markets our mortgage products and services to owners and designated brokers of licensed mortgage brokers in the jurisdictions in which we serve.

Investor-Lender Channel (BDO-ILC)

Reports to the VP Marketing & Sales; markets our investment service and business philosophy to the investment community-at-large and refers all qualified prospects to a MortgageQuote Private Equity Mortgage Professional PEMPTM.

Mortgage Originator Telephone Solicitation - Call Center Team Member (MOTS-CC)

Reports to the Call Center Manager; markets our mortgage products and services to employees and licensed agents and sub-brokers of licensed mortgage broker firms (mortgage originators), in the jurisdictions in which we serve.

Establishes and maintains personal relationships with mortgage originators and solicits qualified private equity mortgage applications from same. Refers all applications to the MortgageQuote Underwriting Office.

General Memo

We are in the financial services sector so all roles at MortgageQuote Canada Corp. are by law, subject to:

The company receiving satisfactory references and background verification including credit checks (all roles) and/or criminal checks (primarily for licensed and executive roles).


Private Equity Mortgage Institute PEMI®: require criminal background check for all licensed professionals and at least a credit check for all employees.

FSCO Ontario: Screen and monitor all your Mortgage Brokers/Agents. Immediately notify FSCO if a Mortgage Broker or Agent is not suitable for licensing. (Source - Compliance Checklist for Managing the Mortgage Brokerage as of January 1, 2009)

RECA Alberta - require criminal background check for all licensed professionals

FICOM BC - require criminal background check for all licensed professionals


As published in the Ottawa Citizen

“An assessment of the trustworthiness and reliability of all individuals accessing sensitive information and/or assets must be undertaken to protect the interests and security of the government of Canada,” Murphy said.

“A credit check will be reviewed as part of that assessment, in addition to other information to assist in assessing an individual’s reliability and trustworthiness.”

That other information could include fingerprints. A criminal record check is part of the new assessment and “may include an RCMP requirement to obtain the individual’s fingerprints if deemed necessary by the functions of the position,” Murphy said.

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How do I become a successful mortgage agent?

7 skills to successful mortgage practice:

1. know your borrowers

2. know your products

3. know your lenders

4. organize your files

5. advertise

6. keep in touch with past clients

7. ask for referrals


Co-Broker Corner

Do you have a deal which you or your company cannot successfully complete?

Refer your declines or hard-to-approve deals to, which specializes in hard to approve mortgages.

Profile your deal today by calling 1-866-948-7283 or email underwriting[at]

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Co-Broker Requirements, Lead Generation Rules & When a License is Required

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What is a mortgage agent, broker, sub-broker?

A mortgage agent or sub-broker is employed by a mortgage brokerage firm to arrange mortgages for customers. A mortgage broker is a company who is licensed to act as a mortgage agency and can hire persons to act as agents/sub-broker.

How do I become a mortgage professional?

Normally, you would take a mortgage professional course at a local college/university then apply to work at a mortgage brokerage firm. Experienced persons may be able to challenge course content. See your regional industry website for details.

How do I become a private equity mortgage professional?

Visit; The Private Equity Mortgage Institute PEMI®

How much income can I earn as a mortgage professional?

The average mortgage will pay you a range of CAD $1200.00 - $3500.00; some agents work part time and originate 3 mortgages a month others can originate 10 or more per month.

Ask a Mortgage agent WEBLOG

Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 9:01 PM

I am keenly interested in working as a mortgage agent, and understood from your website that one is required to take

the professional mortgage course. I would like to receive further information regarding what course to take, and from what

college it's available

I thank you for your co-operation, and look forward to hearing from you soon.



Do you have any questions about the mortgage industry? Email your question and we will answer them on this weblog.

Sent: Tuesday, July 26,2005 9:56 AM

I am studying for my M.A. license and plan to be done later this summer. I have enjoyed your articles in the CREB news.Since I am doing the independant study program I have no access to classroom instruction, online tutorial help or any other help for that matter. I am wondering if you would have any advice on what are the critical areas of study as far as application in the real world. I know the whole thing is important but any advice would be helpful. Also, I am wondering about potential brokerages to work with. In your experience are there some you would recommend above others?

Thank you for you time.


Good questions.

First of all, regarding the course, do all of the math questions enough times so that you get each question right. Don’t worry if you cannot grasp the very very hard questions because you can afford to skip them and still pass the exam. Math is the only critical area. All the other areas are theoretical reading techniques will enable you to learn the content.

As for mortgage companies, do what I did:

Call each mortgage company in your city and interview them. Find out which one fits you and go with that one. Not all mortgage companies are the same and I can’t say that I can recommend any one since this is a personal choice. At the very least, do your home work and talk to each of them.

Practically speaking, there is no advise to replace real world experience. Just get started and make it happen. You will do fine.

Call me if you have any hard to do mortgages.


List of Canadian Mortgage companies

You can find a current list of Canadian mortgage companies by visiting and do a search for mortgage companies in your city.

List of Canadian Industry contacts

-CAAMP – the Canadian national voice for the mortgage industry (

- Alberta – the Alberta voice for the mortgage industry (

- British Columbia – The BC voice for the mortgage industry (

- Ontario – The Ontario voice for the mortgage industry (

List of Canadian Mortgage Agency Regulators - by Province

Regulation of Real Estate & Mortgage Brokers

British Columbia:

Real Estate Council of B.C.


Real Estate Council of Alberta


Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission


Saskatchewan Justice, Consumer Protection Branch


Manitoba Securities Commission, Real Estate Section


Real Estate Council of Ontario


Financial Services Commission of Ontario - Deposit Institutions

Nova Scotia:

Department of Business & Consumer Services

New Brunswick:

Department of Justice

Prince Edward Island:

Community Services & Attorney General


Department of Government Services & Lands