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First (and Only) in Canada: Certified Quality Management System with Statutory, Regulatory and Process (SRP™) Compliance for the scope of mortgage banking and mortgage brokerage services

#1 in Canada for Certified Quality Management-in-Finance: Best-in-Industry Sector & Best-in-Industry Class

Recognized as the Global Leader for Trust & Confidence by the World Economic Forum (WEF) Standards

World's First ISO 9001:2015 Certified Peer-to-Peer (P2P) & Private Lending Company: Trust & Confidence through Quality

Proof of Claims

Founder's Message

"MortgageQuote Canada Corp.'s operations must be managed first for quality, then transparency, responsibility and accountability; for all stakeholders, each and every day."

Anoop Bungay

Founder, President & CEO

MortgageQuote Canada Corp. (MQCC)

World Class Leadership: Quality Management-in-Finance - Performance - Compliance - Responsibility - Philanthropy

Incorporated in 2006, MortgageQuote Canada Corp. (MQCC) is a mortgage lender and mortgage broker with head offices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Based upon our name, you likely have a general understanding of what we do, namely, 'mortgages in Canada', similar to thousands of other companies in Canada. This is where the similarity stops.

Apart from it's expertise in Quality Management-in-Finance, MortgageQuote Canada Corp. is "Canada’s Foremost Authority on the Unregulated & Unrestricted Private Mortgage & Private Lending Capital Market".

Who do we Cater to? Quality Minded Individuals and Organizations

What is being "Quality-Minded?" A consumer or members of an organization for whom quality is the most important character of a good or service; above that of other characteristics including cost and delivery. When dealing with a company in the finance industry, if is important to you, MortgageQuote is your answer.

A quality solution may only be delivered in a certified, Quality Managed environment.

The only Canadian finance sector company internationally recognized to "do what it says and say what it does".

After you take a moment to learn about MortgageQuote Canada Corp. and it's ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, we ask you to consider the following question:

In an increasing complex regulatory world, especially in the finance industry where Trillions of consumer and investor dollars have been lost due to negligence by so-called professional company managers; one wonders..."when will consumers, investors or regulators demand an ISO certification for financial services companies?"

When it comes to YOUR MONEY, if a certifiable level of performance (quality) for your financial service provider is important to you, MortgageQuote Canada Corp. is your answer.

There. Simply. Are. No. Others.

Notice to Canada: Incorporated in 2006, MortgageQuote Canada Corp. is the world's first (and Canada's only) ISO 9001:2015 certified regulatory compliant Mortgage Origination, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Private Mortgage & Private Lending Company.

Leaders in Canada's Fintech, Regtech and ComplianceTech(TM) Sector

While MortgageQuote is not a public service, our services are available to the public on a fee for service basis.


World-Class Leadership in Quality-in-Finance Compliance, Corporate Governance & Accountability

MQCC Mission, Vision, Values & MQCC Team Member Integrity Statement

MQCC Mission, Vision, Values & MQCC Team Member Integrity Statement-Public Version-04-Sep-16

MortgageQuote Canada Corp. - Quality Policy

Quality Policy-signature

Quality Safe Ecosystem & Quality Matters Program

MortageQuote's MQCC Quality Safe Ecosystem & Quality Matters

A Private Company with Public Company-Level Stewardship

Sarbanes-Oxley-Level Standards

Sarbanes-Oxley, COSO, ISO - what's this lingo all about? Well, if you are an Accredited or Accredited Class® investor, you already know. If you don't already know, these terms are what you hear when you work with companies who operate their business at the highest levels of quality, accountability, transparency and disclosure. The great credit crisis of the 2000's was caused by corporations doing poor quality work in an environment absent of accountability, transparency and disclosure. When you hear terms like Sarbanes-Oxley, COSO, ISO, don't be confused. Take the time to get to know them, after all, like an "apple a day"; they're good for you.

MortgageQuote adheres to the highest level of accountability by establishing best practices for organizational operation through the implementation of select Sarbanes-Oxley level standards of operation.

COSO Compliant Internal Controls

The internal controls managing the operations of MortgageQuote are COSO compliant.

For the highly regulated financial services sector, where companies operate at either a fiduciary or non-fiduciary level to their customers, MortgageQuote Canada Corp. is of the opinion that the 'acceptable rate' of non-conforming delivered product is 0%. How does MortgageQuote Canada Corp. achieve this? Through implementation of a certifiable quality management program, namely, ISO 9001:2015 and Six Sigma.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

On May 9, 2008, MortgageQuote.ca became Canada's first and only ISO 9001:2001 registered mortgage (borrowing & investing) brokerage company.

Today, MortgageQuote is registered to the current, ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO.org), ISO 9001:2015 is world-class quality management standard that establishes criteria for a company's quality management system.

Beyond the significant benefits earned by MortgageQuote.ca, effective implementation of an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system ensures that our stakeholders (customers, lenders, investors and employees) consistently receive good quality service. Effectively, a good quality management system enables a company to: "do what it says and say what it does".

Benefits of ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for business process improvement. The goal of Six Sigma: identifying and removing the causes of defects - "Qualified Defect Basis" - (a defect being something that is outside of our customer's specifications) and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes. The less defects, the better the process for customers and company stakeholders.

At MortgageQuote Canada Corp. a defect is also called a Statutory or Regulatory Nonconformity Event. Specifically, it is further defined as: "statutory or regulatory nonconformity event (SRNC) which has a monetary affect on a MQCC Stakeholder, in contravention of an action that was prohibited by legislation or regulation". Only SRNC's are considered a defect for which a corrective action record is created.

Levels of Six Sigma Performance in a company's operations:

1 - 69% Defects

2 - 31% Defects

3 - 6.7% Defects

4 - .062% Defects

5 - .023% Defects

6 - .00034% Defects

What sigma level is MortgageQuote's Operations department functioning at?

Level 6 or 3.4 defective parts per million opportunities (DPMO).

Proof-Based Claims Policy

MortgageQuote Canada Corp. makes claims and proves claims. Some may even say that some of our claims are "bold". If you see a claim on our website, you will see related proof, publicly published. What you often won't find in other financial firms are claims backed by proof. And when we say proof, we mean 3rd-party, objective proof. Certification to an ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally accepted form of 3rd-party, objective proof.

Incomparable Company, Incomparable ResultsTM

Although MortgageQuote.ca operates within the mortgage domain, those of you with experience will notice that we don't appear as other Canadian mortgage companies. There are two distinct differences between our company and other Canadian mortgage companies.

Firstly, we provide mortgages sourced from full range of mortgage capital sources including bank, non-bank and private mortgage lenders. Learn about the differences between our Specialty BankTM, Non-Bank & Private Mortgage SolutionsTM.

Secondly, we are designated by the Private Equity Mortgage Institute (PEMI) as both a Certified Private Equity MortgageTM Lender and Certified Private Equity MortgageTM Broker, which means that we are fully qualified to Beat or BypassTM the Canadian banking system for you.

Using proprietary processes designed by PEMI, if we can't beat the Canadian banks "at their own game", we'll simply bypass their system altogether and offer you proprietary Private (Non-Institutional, Non-Syndicated, Non-Regulated) Equity MortgageTM alternatives.

Our innovative private mortgage products and services include the following industry firsts:

Beat or BypassTM the Canadian Banking System

SameDay-NextDayTM Mortgage Funding

Unconditional Commitments: Unconditional ResultsTM

and more are evolving

MortgageQuote.ca acts principally for lenders and serves the needs of borrowers, licensed mortgage brokers and Accredited Class® investors in Canada: Alberta (AB), British Columbia (BC), Ontario (ON) and select jurisdictions nationally and internationally.

Trust the ProcessTM

We're all people and by design, people make mistakes; we understand that. That's why the MortgageQuote business systems are designed to enable it's customers to rely upon automated and semi-automated operational processes which deliver desired results consistently, timely and with virtually zero defects. Almost all correspondence is documented, in order to eliminate the problems associated with "hearsay". This innovation enables stakeholders to rely less upon a person and more upon the process; Trust the ProcessTM, not the Person.

A Mortgage Company with StandardsTM

A distinction of MortgageQuote.ca, is our standards-based approach to the provision of our finance products and services. The standards-based approach enables us to maintain our utmost good faith commitment to the principles of quality management, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. The principles are not merely ideas, they are based upon the quality management principles contained in the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards and include:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Relationship management

The MortgageQuote Serious About QualityTM philosophy emanates from the 'core of our corporate being' into every department, process and work instruction at MortgageQuote.ca. This integrated approach has empowered the management and employees of MortgageQuote.ca to build a company with business processes that are systematic, accountable and auditable. This translates into a level of efficiency, transparency and customer satisfaction seldom seen in the financial services industry in Canada or internationally. it is no wonder that MortgageQuote.ca's ISO 9001:2015 certified management system ranks among the top 5% in the world.

Proven, Effective, Audited. As Canada's leader in quality managed mortgage origination, MortgageQuote.ca has set the Canadian finance industry benchmark for both internal and external performance.

More than words and statistics, MortgageQuote annually maintains its momentum of continuous excellence by ensuring that all of its business processes are audited, tested, proven and authenticated two times per year by two different, independent, 3rd party auditors. This means that all of our client files, work instructions and routine orders go through a systematic process of evaluation that exceed minimum regulatory and legal requirements. At MortgageQuote.ca, you can expect the very highest quality of mortgage service available to anyone, in Canada.

Renowned for our quality; recognized for our results. If quality truly is important to you, then look no further than MortgageQuote.ca, we`re we are ``Serious about Quality``TM.

Communication Policy - Email Primary

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Zero Miscommunication Policy

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Regulatory Compliance Versus Quality Compliance

Regulatory compliance is not the same as quality compliance. Finance sector companies are often required to fulfill regulatory requirements to operate as a going concern, however as evidence time and again in the public news, merely because a financial sector company is approved to conduct business by the regulators does NOT mean that the company has a quality management system in place.

At a minimum, consumers, whether borrowers or investors in the finance industry should require that their service providers attain BOTH regulatory and quality compliance. This is the only way for a consumer to rely on a financial sector company's legal ability to trade and ensure that the work that gets done is compliant with quality principles.

Why Every Financial Services Company isn't certified compliant to ISO 9001:2015

0 - Choice

Attention to excellence is a choice, not a requirement.

1 - Cost

It will cost millions of dollars for a company (size: $10M+) to implement a 'fully integrated, end to end quality management system to cover all of its business processes'. Most companies are "sufficiently profitable" or have a sufficient majority of shareholders who are ignorant to the shareholder benefits of a correctly implemented, ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. Companies would need to re-create the process of earning profit by making sense of what they, how they do it and, how to do it better, faster or more efficiently. This type of fundamental change will affect a company's manual procedures to IT systems and this type of change does not come cheap, not only in dollars and corporate resources but in employee resistance. Afterall, individuals in a corporate setting tend to disdain change. MortgageQuote.ca started its path towards Quality Management when there were 4 employees. Early adoption was the key to our success.

2 - Requirement of Strong Leadership

A philosophy of quality starts from the top: CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur. Without initiative from the top, no company, no matter how large, profitable, tenured or respected, can successfully implement and maintain a ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. The cost in both dollar and human resistance will demand that only the strongest of leaders take the helm. Strong leadership and Quality Management goes hand-in-hand. A simple internet search will highlight strong business leaders including: Eli Whitney (muskets), Henry Ford (automobiles), Karl Friedrich Benz (automobiles) and recently, Anoop Bungay (mortgages).

3 - Understanding the Material Benefits of Quality

Stakeholders need to actively educate themselves on how Quality Management will help one another: customer, shareholder, community, vendors and employees. A Successfully implement, certified Quality Management system provides immeasurable benefits to all stakeholders. Principally, prospective and existing customers will come to realize that a certified, quality managed company "says what it does and does what it says". Further, efficiencies gained just by implementing a quality management system results in lower wastage in both input materials and human resources,which translates in greater profitability for a company. Third, a quality managed approach provides a distinct competitive advantage when it comes to vying for increased market share. Finally, quality management can be considered to something similar to an "auto-pilot" system, where the company will be able to operate for years into the future so long as it focuses on its "scope of operations" and maintains an audited, certified quality management system on an annual basis.

4 - Fear of Accountability

After the great credit crisis of 2015, consumers, government and regulators realized that many of root causes for the financial failure was for failed quality systems within what were supposed to be highly regulated financial services sector industry participants. It is telling to know that there is more enforced regulatory oversight at your local automobile repair shop than your bank or investment company. A certified Quality Management system changes this obfuscation of accountability by establishing audit norms that are tested at least twice per year by both internal and external (third-party) process auditors. The annual audits ensure that a certified, Quality Managed company adheres to the rules governing it's operation, within the context of its scope.


MQCC Mission, Vision, Values - Code of Integrity and Professional Conduct

Mission, Vision, Values - Code of Integrity and Professional Conduct - see section 1 of this page.

Compliance Policy Statement

MortgageQuote Canada Corp. (MQCC) must observe the highest standards of integrity at an utmost level, ensuring:

* Compliance with regulatory requirements within the jurisdictions in which it serves

* Establishment of effective preventive actions and corrective action procedures to maintain ongoing regulatory compliance

Management must ensure that all employees are fully aware of the rules and regulations which apply to their respective job descriptions (or functional area of responsibility) and that business process exist ensuring integration of regulatory compliance and operational activity by all employees, with respect to all operational procedures of the business.

Corporate Citizenship

MQCC strives to operate in a manner that assists in societal issues including employee conduct vis a vis the general public, environmental issues and diversity.


Through our Carbon Emission Reduction Program, MQCC seeks to "drive less", "cut less" and produce more "digital, low carbon results". We save both time and the environment.

Employee Diversity and Well-Being

MQCC hires people regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, caste, disability. Our work-life balance programs enable our employees to take advantage of benefits that promote health living both mentally, physically and socially.

MQCC Environment & Employee Diversity and Well-Being Policy

MQCC Respect in the Workplace ‎(Anti-Bully/Harassment)‎ Policy

MQCC Whistle-blower (Internal Disclosure) Policy

Commendations & Errors, Omissions, Complaints


If you have any commendations, email us at underwriting[at]mortgagequote.ca.

Errors, Omissions and Complaints

MortgageQuote Canada Corp. and its subsidiaries require directors, officers and employees to conduct their duties and responsibilities with the highest standards of business and personal ethics. As employees and representatives of MortgageQuote, they must practice honesty and integrity in, and comply with, all applicable laws and regulations. Even the best systems (including the ISO 9001 family of quality management) of control cannot provide absolute safeguards against irregularities. Intentional and unintentional violations of laws, regulations, policies and procedures may occur and may constitute improper activities.

MortgageQuote Canada Corp.'s internal business control mechanisms, operating procedures and policies are intended to detect, prevent or deter improper activities, including any activity by an employee undertaken in the performance of their official duties, whether or not that action is within the scope of his or her employment, and is in violation of any applicable law or regulation, including, but not limited to, corruption, malfeasance, bribery, theft of property, fraudulent claims, fraud, coercion, conversion, malicious prosecution, misuse of property, or willful omission to perform a duty, is economically wasteful, or involves gross misconduct, incompetence or inefficiency.

The below items governs the training, reporting and investigation of allegations of suspected improper activities.

Code of Conduct Training

MortgageQuote's Commendations and Complaints Policy


Corporate Philanthropy

"Corporate Returns" - is a principle at MortgageQuote for "giving back to society, by helping those in less fortunate situations". MortgageQuote has designed several Corporate Returns programs.MortgageQuote.ca - Property Rental Program

Since 2006, MortgageQuote has provided rental properties to low income, dream building entrepreneurs, and other qualified families/individuals.