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OSFI-, OCC- Regulated Financial Institutions and Other Regulated Financial Entity Inquiries

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Regulators, Professional Liability Insurers, Professionals

Lawyer or Licensed Mortgage Broker Referral provides incomparable, proprietary Private (Non-Institutional, Non-Syndicated, Non-Regulated) Equity MortgageTM solutions and acts principally for lenders; for this reason, we work with members of the general public by referral only, through federally- or provincially-licensed mortgage brokers, law firms & trustees (public, private, court-appointed, bankruptcy).

Law Firm, Trustee & Receiver (public, private, court-appointed, bankruptcy) Referrals accepts mortgage referrals from law firms and trustees whose clients may require our expertise. If you are a lawyer, trustee or receiver (court appointed or privately appointed) and would like to refer a financing situation to us, please email us at info[at]

Licensed Mortgage Broker Referrals

The ability to Beat or BypassTM the Canadian banking system, is a power to be used only for good; by a licensed Tier 2 mortgage broker. Licensing ensures the public is not harmed by the actions of an unlicensed, or incompetent party. Licenses are issued by the Private Equity Mortgage Institute on the following competency conditions.

Borrower Be Aware (TM): If you are seeking a private equity mortgage, ensure your advisor has experience in dealing with non-bank and private mortgage solutions and has earned the Qualified Private Equity Mortgage Advisor (QPEMA) designation. "Anything less is not Qualified". Visit the Private Equity Mortgage Institute (PEMI)® to learn more.

Our competency conditions require that all prospective mortgage customers first seek the services of a licensed, general mortgage broker, one who specializes primarily in routine, retail, bank mortgage transactions, before you contact us. If you feel that your existing, licensed, general mortgage broker, cannot provide you with an optimized bank mortgage solution to your satisfaction, then please communicate your concerns to them in order to get to a resolution. If appropriate, ask them to submit a mortgage application to, on your behalf. As a Tier 2 mortgage broker, we seek to work with clients with existing relationships with licensed, general mortgage brokers. How to know if you are getting an optimized bank mortgage solution.

Ask your licensed, general mortgage broker to send your mortgage application to If you don't know if your mortgage broker is licensed by the government, please search their name in our mortgage broker licenses database.

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Principal Communication Method: Written - via Email

Communication Policy - Email Primary

Secondary Communication Method: Written - via Fax

Tertiary Communication Method: Written - via Letter Mail

Quarternary Communication Method (ad hoc basis only - outbound calls initiated by Oral - via telephone

Primary Corporate Operations Email:

General Administrative Email:

Fax Number:

local: 403-590-9833 (Global Access)

toll free: +1.866.948.FAX1 (3291) (North America and Mexico Access)

Phone Number: (Messages Transcribed to Email)

local: 403-590-6610 (Global Access)

toll free: +1.866.948.RATE (7283) (North America and Mexico Access)

Attorney/Lawyer Office Inquiries:

MortgageQuote's Underwriting Office working hours are generally from 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM, 6 days a week, MST.

In-Person Meeting Policy

MortgageQuote has different policies for meetings, depending on your role and purpose of the meeting.

In-Person Meeting Policy

General Public & Media Inquiries

General Public and Media Inquiries: please email underwriting[at] or visit our public forum.

Corporate Domicile does not provide retail services nor does it operate retail offices.

Corporate Head Office:

548 Rundleridge Drive NE

Calgary, AB T1Y 2K7

Head Office Email: info[at]

BC Region - Registered Office:

353 - Water Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 1B8

ON Region - Registered Office:

2400 - 333 Bay Street

Toronto, ON M5H 2T6

Please send all correspondence to Corporate Head Office.