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It's a new school year...


. . . and I'm so excited!

Hello, readers!

National Poetry Month is over. But we had a great time with poetry during the entire month of April. All the fourth graders wrote poems with Mrs. Bruhn and many of them were recorded reading their poems aloud. Some of the recordings were shown to the entire school on our morning BTV news show! Fourth graders did an awesome job.

I love sharing my favorite poems and poetry books with students, and I especially love Poem in Your Pocket Day, which we celebrated on April 26th. Everybody in school that day received a poem to carry around in his/her pocket, just for fun, to share or memorize or keep.

Some third graders also wrote poems and together we made origami pockets to place them in. Photos below.

Did you know we have ebooks in our library? E-books can be read on any device--tablet, computer, desktop, even phone. To see what ebooks we have available, click here to go to our district catalog. Select the school you would like to search, type ebook in the search box, then press enter and all of the ebooks we have access to will appear on the screen. Next, click on open to begin reading the one you want. The user name and password for access to Mountain Way's ebooks is mountainway. For Borough School, the user name is library and the password is book. Try them out!

You can find access to both schools' catalogs here to see if we have a book you love. If you would like to check out a book, stop by or send me a note and I'll send it home with your child.

Check out my symbaloo below, an easy way to get to many of our favorite websites. One of the best is the San Diego Zoo website. The NASA sites for kids are pretty cool too. And you will also find links to our subscription databases. Your children can get the usernames and passwords in the library.

Click on this link for lists of favorite titles and authors:

I'm also compiling a list of interesting articles about reading, screen time, reading aloud and the effect on the brain, etc. Click right here for that link.

Click below to go to my symbaloo.