Borough School 20Time Project Portal

20-Time is a new program at Borough School based off of the corporate practice of giving employees one day a week to work on a project of their choice; giving people the freedom to work on something about which they are truly passionate. Ideas such as Gmail and Post-It Notes are just two examples of concepts that were born from the corporate 20-Time model. This is exactly what we are giving our students at Borough School - time to work on something about which they are passionate. All fifth through eighth graders, one day per week during each student's related arts course, for two marking periods (20 weeks total), students have had the opportunity to work on a project of their choosing. After forming a partnership and choosing a topic, students developed an elevator pitch, honed a project, created a website/blog, all while being supported by their 20Time coach; a Borough School staff member. Projects ranged from the “fingerprint locker” and A-OK Healthy Soda to charity efforts and student produced and composed music videos. The efforts of the Borough School students culminated in a showcase celebrating their 20-Time projects to fellow Borough School students, 20-Time coaches, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members. Borough School is proud of the creativity and successes of the students and looks forward to continuing this tradition through the remainder of this school year and in the years to come.