Welcome to the MCUSD 6 Virtual Backpack!

The Morrison School District distributes information to students from outside non-profit organizations and intergovernmental agencies, for which it grants approval. Rather than sending home flyers from these organizations in book bags, or in our newsletters, we will be posting such information on a Virtual Backpack webpage throughout the school year for all to see. (Homework, Booster, PTO, Morrison Schools Foundation, and District-School- Class correspondence will continue to be sent home in book bags, email blasts and/or newsletters.) Suitability and approval will be at the discretion of the District.

Current Postings:

Substitutes Needed!

McCombie Summer Reading

CASVCC Child Fair 2020

Flyer Approval:

Those wishing to submit information to be posted on this Virtual Backpack website must do so by reading the Flyer Submission Guidelines shown below and by sending the required information via email as a document or image attachment.

Flyer Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions must be at least 5 days in advance of the desired posting date.
  • Organizations are limited to one poster per month, with a two-month time limit.
  • Only non-profit organizations will be allowed to have materials posted on the Virtual Backpack site. Distribution of materials for commercial businesses, or organizations will not be permitted.
  • All activities or information must be appropriate for students. Activities and information should relate to a school function, event or purpose, or relate to an organization that offers widely-appealing recreational program options for Morrison students and families. Approval of any and all flyers is at the discretion of MCUSD administrators.
  • Materials are posted for informational purpose only. Posting does not imply District endorsement of them.