Where am I located:

The counselor's office is located next to the main office on the main floor of the high school. If you enter the main office and then turn towards the right, the counselor's office is the first one on the left.

I can be contacted by email (jennifer.streets@morrisonschools.org), by phone (815-772-4071 ext 12004) or by stopping in at any time. If I'm not available, please speak to one of the secretaries and they will let me know you stopped by and I will follow up as soon as I am able.

About me:

This is my first year with Morrison High School and I am delighted to be back in education after a 10 year absence. I've been a counselor in various forms for the last 18 years, beginning before earning my graduate degree as an intern school counselor in Macomb, Illinois. I began my career in education as a junior high and high school English teacher in the Missouri Ozarks. I taught for four years while earning my master's in Counselor Education from Western Illinois University. I then served as a school counselor for seven years before leaving education to work in both agency and private practice settings. I've worked with individuals from all walks of life, but have specialized in at risk and special needs populations.

I currently reside in the Quad Cities and am raising four children. I love attending sporting events, fishing, gardening and baking. I firmly believe in meeting people where they are with kindness and helping people find their own path, whatever that might be.

MHS School Counseling Program Mission Statement:

The mission of MHS's School Counseling Program is to promote and enhance the continuous improvement of student achievement through academic, social/emotional, and post secondary/career development. The primary role of the counseling department is to advocate for students while working in partnership with educators, parents, and community members. The counseling office encourages: self-awareness, independence, uniqueness and the personal worth of all students. It is my goal to maximize the knowledge and skills the students will need in order to achieve their personal goals and to help them become successful, competent adults.