Mrs. House's Science Classes

Hello, my name is Britney House. I teach 8th grade Earth Science and 9th grade Physical Science this year. I graduated from Morris Area High School in 2008, and then went to Bemidji State University (BSU) to continue my education. I played tennis for BSU as well. I started teaching in Morris in 2012. I am also the coach for the senior high (9th-12th grades) knowledge bowl team and have been the Varsity Girls Tennis Team (on maternity leave for 2019-2020). Please feel free to contact me about these activities if you are interested in joining or have questions. I received my master's degree through Hamline University in Environmental Education in 2018. My husband, Jared House, works for Grant County Soil and Water Conservation District. Both of my parents are teachers in the Morris Area School District, Jim & Peggy Greenwaldt.

Daily Schedule

Hour 1 | Earth & Space Science (8th)

Hour 2 | Duty Hour- Tech Support

Hour 3 | Earth & Space Science (8th)

Hour 4 |Earth & Space Science (8th)

Hour 5 | Earth & Space Science (8th)

Hour 6 | Prep

Hour 7 | Physical Science (9th)

Varsity Tennis 2018-19

Goals of Science Class:

1) Accountability: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for your own actions

2) Honesty: straightforward conduct, being sincere, truthful, trustworthy, honorable, fair, genuine, loyal and has integrity

3) Intellectual Growth: becoming more and more capable of analyzing, understanding, and evaluating concepts to make sense out of the world around you

4) Social Growth: maturing and developing one's social skills; learning how to better get along with others.

Our son Emmitt Eugene House was born on 8/12/19

If you are wondering what symbols mean on JMC:

HI= Handed in and NOT included in your grade, I still need to grade this

LI = Late and included as a zero in your grade

LX= Late and NOT included in your grade

X= Student is excused from that assignment, not included in your grade

M= Missing and NOT included in your grade, you were probably absent

MI= Missing and included as a zero in your grade

If you need assistance with JMC, please contact Lori Fangmeier in the high school office.

Contact Information

Britney House

320-589-4400 EXT 2114