TMF Programs and


Save the Family Program - Suspended for 3 weeks. At this time we will reopen April 6. ---WE DID REOPEN we are working the best we can with limited staff and not being if the office. If you are in need please call 716-842-1300 leave a message for your case manager. Some of our case managers are no longer with us due to their internship being completed so if you are not sure of your new case manager just call us at 716-842-1300 and leave a message.

Please keep safe.

Evangel Food Pantry Program - Clients: WE ARE STILL OPEN. HOWEVER, no one is allowed in the church. Please stay in your cars and follow the lines as signs indicate. We are sorry that you will not get client choice however, it is more important to us that you are able to get food to eat. This process will happen EVERY Tuesday thru June 1 unless we have to close due to Government requirements. We will reevaluate the plans at the end of the month and provide further updates.

We will be requiring masks for all those entering the building. We will be requiring your temp be below 100. If either are not appropriate then we will ask you to go to your car and we will serve you food at your car without you entering the building.

Thank you. Please keep safe.

Evangel Food Pantry Staff: We are asking staff to let us know if you will be attending or not. We will be letting you make your own decisions on attending. If you are older or you have a compromised immune system we ask you to either not attend or work inside only. We will not be allowing clients in the building but we do not want you going to their cars if you are older or you have a compromised immune system.

As of right now we continue to be open, we are setup to serve without people getting out of there car. It is really important that there is no contact at this point. Follow the parking lot to the back do a u turn and come back on the right side of the cones. Wait in the line. We will get your client number and fill out the information on the clipboard. We will not be having you fill it out. We will then take your label in pull your items for the day and bring it out and put it in your car and off you go.

BE ADVISED there are other pantries closing so there is a larger need for food. We will have more people coming for food. Be patient and kind, no honking or gestures. Please note due to all we have learned during this time we are working on changes. If you have thought or feelings on what changes could be made we would love your input. Please complete the survey at this link by: May 15.

We will have drive thru pantry on Mondays by appt.

We will have walk in with appt on Tuesdays.

Please stay safe. Thank you. -Carmie 5/6/2020 @ 3:52pm

"Keep Smiling because we love you." Izzy

Please know that the volunteers are doing their best to help those who are hungry.