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Feedback is only provided via the Google Classroom.

If work is not submitted, we may need to get in touch.

Direct Google Classroom Links

Reception EYFS

Ms Tasneem Dil-Afruz

Reception EYFS Ms Cecilia del Corso

Year 1 Mr Jeff Beh

Year 1
Ms Lucy Mutter

Year 2
Ms Rosanna Cowdrith & Ms Emilie Kamanyire

Year 2 Mr Josh Hanson

Year 3 Ms Lauren Wykes

Year 3

Ms Jo Proctor & Ms Rebecca Moss

Year 4 Ms Sian Bell

Year 4
Mr Karl Brown & Ms Katy Kowalska

Year5 Mr Tom Hill

Year 5
Ms Helen Remington-Davidson

Year 6
Mr Jack Pullen

Year 6
Ms Maya Dalby


Ms Larissa Simpson and Mr Dan Ecclestone