Video Production

The video production pathway at MCHSLive is an opportunity for students to experience several areas of video production including news production, live production, and commercial/ short film production.

AVTF 1 is the introduction course for the program where students will learn the basics of video production including preproduction techniques such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, and equipment prep. Students will learn to produce videos both in the field and in a studio settings. Using the Adobe Creative Cloud and other related software, students perform post production processes including editing, coloring, and adding graphics to a variety of products including commercials, music videos, and more.

AVTF 2 is an opportunity for students to refine the lessons learned in AVTF 1 including performing large scale productions including music videos and features while working to produce a daily and weekly newscast. AVTF 2 students will dig deeper into software applications.

AVTF 2 students will work rotating beats in order to get experience in a variety of fields including sports, community, school, and more. AVTF 2 students experience more freedom in assignment and topic choice and the larger products require more time and more opportunities for experience.

AVTF 3 students use video production projects and experiences to build their leadership skills. Students will work to help manage productions both in the studio and in the field. AVTF 3 students will also sit for industry certification testing as a part of the end of pathway assessment for the pathway.

AVTF 3 students are working to build better content for their portfolios. This year allows students to choose their focus for the semester and create content that matters more to them and to their long term goals.

One of the biggest opportunites for all students is to participate in live broadcast production. is the host for over 100 live broadcasts each year including all varsity sports, community events, and more. This part of the program is optional but allows student the opportunity to build a skill set for a field that is growing by leaps and bounds each year. Live streaming content has grown tremendously in recent years and will continue to do so.

Students will have the opportunity to work with a variety of organizations including MCHS and other High School Athletics teams, students and professors from the University of Georgia, Georgia State, and Georgia College. These relationships allow MCHS students to build a network in the industry as well as get exposure and experience of what to expect in the next step of their career.