Homebound Still 

               by J.P. Moorhead

Alec Blaine was a master in the world of lies. He is failing at truth.

Homebound Still is an upmarket espionage and political thriller with romantic elements at 99,000 words.

34 years old, athletic, and deep blue eyes. Alec has the quiet confidence people look to in a crisis. A former CIA spy and America’s expert on Russian political warfare, Alec can master anything, except his marriage with Jane.

In their coastal Georgia home, Alec finds Jane’s note. She’s leaving him. While a spy, Alec was caught with a Russian prostitute. Jane can’t recover. The hooker was a set-up, but Alec can’t prove it. Desperate, he seeks help from a lifelong friend, Karl Strasser, to get proof.

Karl could help, but he harbors dark secrets and another plan. Manipulating Alec, Karl forces him back into the CIA. Drowning now in lies, Alec’s still confident he’ll fix his marriage, until the FBI confronts Alec and Russian hitmen attack Jane. Against time, Alec embarks on a hero's journey into a Chicago law firm, Washington, and the American South, ultimately partnering with the prostitute, to find the truth about Karl and win redemption from Jane.

Professionally edited, Homebound Still will appeal to lovers of Daniel Silva (Gabriel Allon series), Robert Dugoni (Eighth Sister), Chris Pavone, Jason Matthews (Red Sparrow trilogy), and John Grisham (The Firm series).

I studied writing at Georgetown (BA, English) and elsewhere. 

As a lawyer, I write 75,000-word stories weekly, except characters and plots always are the same (landlords and tenants, in 10-year relationships about property…).  I would love to enter the business of novels and publish one yearly.

If you would like to see the full manuscript, my contact information is below.  I am happy to send it. Thank you very much.

My best,

Jamie Moorhead

Email: jmoorhead@moorhead-law.com