Athletics Important Dates

Any student(s) who wishes to try out for interscholastic sports and/or wants to participate in Intramurals must meet our school regulations regarding eligibility for athletic tryouts at Fieldstone Middle School. To participate, you need to be medically cleared and have all of your required paperwork for physicals turned in to the school nurse one (1) week prior to the “start of the activity”. The start of the activity is defined as the first day of tryouts or the first meeting date for Intramurals. Physicals must have been completed within 365 days of the start of the activity and signed by our school physician.

Please review the following three (3) steps carefully to avoid missing important deadlines and ultimately losing the opportunity to participate in the sport/activity. Specific information along with the proper forms and our “Athletic Participation Forms Checklist” can be found on the website at If you need any clarification or should you have any questions about the following, please call the school nurse, Mrs. Halder, in ADVANCE of the deadline.

I have attended the sport/activity interest meeting or have spoken directly to the coach/advisor and they are aware that I am interested.

I have submitted the mandated NJ state forms with a doctor’s signature* at the bottom of the PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM and in two (2) places on the bottom of the CLEARANCE FORM and the HISTORY FORM. These forms and additional information can be found here: Sports Physical Forms

I have checked/confirmed with the school nurse and my physical on record is complete and up to date. (nurse signature required below)

*- Physician must have signed that they have completed the Cardiac Assessment Professional Development Module.