Welcome to 2nd Grade - Mrs. Nicastro


My name is Mrs. Holly Nicastro and I have the pleasure of sharing in your child’s Second Grade experience. I live in Moon Township with my husband and 2 sons. My son Vinnie is 3 1/2 years old and my son Dominic is 9 months old! I also could not forget our Goldendoodle Sidney who is a year old.

Everything you need to know about our class can be found on this site. Daily Schedule, Weekly Test Schedule, Unified Arts Schedule, and Class Info.

Feel free to contact me either by a note in your child’s planner, telephone or email

412-489-8300 ext:3102 nicastroh@montourschools.com

I attempt to check my messages and email periodically throughout the day. If there is a matter of urgency, please contact the office.


8:30-8:45-Arrival (Morning Work/XTRAMATH)

8:45-9:00-Homeroom (Morning Work/XTRAMATH)


10:30-11:10-Unified Arts

11:15-12:00-Phonics / Spelling


12:40-2:15 -Comprehension / Grammar (Daily 5)

2:15-3:00 -Science / SS / PLT


Copy of Unified Arts schedule 2017-18.docx


We will be using a "Green, Yellow, and Red" card system. The students will each start out with a green card every day. If they break one of the rules, they will be given a verbal warning. They will have a chance of 2 verbal warnings. If they continue to not follow the classroom rules, they will have to move their "paw" to yellow which will result in a loss of 5 minutes of extra recess on Friday. If they still continue to not follow the classroom rules, they will have to move their "paw" to red resulting in a loss of extra recess on Friday.


Continued Learning (aka Homework) will be given in 2nd grade. Although, what WILL come home will NOT be what you are used to seeing. There will be very few worksheets. The ‘activities’ that your child will bring home will be an extension of the skills being worked on in class. These activities DO require family involvement. These activity bags will be starting in the second week of October. Please remember to send the activity bags back everyday!!!

SPELLING – Practice your child's words nightly!

READING – I request that your child read to you, to themselves, etc EACH night. You will not be required to sign a log so honesty counts! It could be a picture book, chapter book, or a magazine. Their fluency will be evaluated during our small group time. We will set goals to monitor growth. There is a section on the menu for reading. This is where you can mark what your child has done as far as reading and please sign.

MATH – The math portion of the menu given on day 1 of the story will be used each week to review current skills. The activities will involve Real Life situations to help students understand the NEED for these skills. Fact Fluency will be evaluated weekly to monitor growth. The My Math homework page will be sent home but WILL NOT be considered homework. This will be one of the options that you child can choose to complete as part of the menu. If I feel your child needs additional practice, I will stamp the page and place it in their Homework pocket.

If at any time a child displays a need for additional practice, this is when I will send worksheets.