Mrs. Kidd

Welcome to Second Grade!

Hello! My name is Alyssa Kidd, and I am excited to be your child's teacher! I look forward to working with you in making this school year engaging, productive, and fun-filled! Above all, I will provide an environment supporting your child to be the very best they can be!

If you ever need to reach me, please contact me at or you may call and leave a message at (412) 489-8300 ext. 3105. Also, I check your child's planner each morning so you may write a message there.

The best times to call me are before school starts (8:00-8:30) and after school (3:30-4:00). I am also available while the students are at special (10:30-11:10).


This year, MES students will have a 12 day Special rotation. 2nd Grade will have Special from 10:30-11:10. You will find a copy below. This entire schedule will then repeat itself for the last 2 Trimesters.

Kidd Unified Arts schedule 2018-19

2nd Grade Schedule 2018-19

8:30-8:45 Arrival (Morning Work)

8:45-9:00 Homeroom (Morning Work)

9:00-10:25 Math

10:30-11:10 SPECIAL

11:15-12:00 Phonics / Spelling (Daily 5)

12:00-12:40 LUNCH

12:40-2:15 Comprehension / Grammar (Daily 5)

2:15-3:00 Science / SS / PLT


2018-2019 Class Discipline Plan and School Wide Positive Behavior (SWPB)

In order to encourage the children with their discipline, the following Class Discipline Plan has been developed and will be in effect at all times.

Class Discipline Plan

1. Listen and follow directions the FIRST time they are given.

2. Raise your hand and WAIT to be called on.

3. WALK always and work quietly.

4. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

5. Be kind and considerate.


ALL students have 3 blocks on their desk. If a rule is not followed, the student will have a block taken away. Each time a block is taken away, they will lose 2 minutes of Reward Recess which takes place once a week. Each day begins with ALL students having 3 blocks. (Please refer to the Student Handbook for the list of rules.)

Students who behave appropriately will be rewarded with:

Verbal praise, stickers, treats, positive notes or phone calls, ‘fun’ classroom activities, homework passes

Also, all students will be participating in Montour Elementary School's School-Wide Positive Behavior (SWPB) Program, where a small number of behavioral expectations are defined in 3 positive and simple rules.

The 3B's: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible is what we use for all school-wide functions.

Homework Procedures

When I give homework, the paper or assignment will be placed, by the student, into a homework folder. It means that the paper is due back at school the next day. This folder should be taken home every day that homework is assigned.

Each teacher has their own philosophy of homework. I assign homework for two main reasons: 1. To review and reinforce a skill or concept 2. To develop a sense of responsibility in the child. I feel the second reason is very important. I will tell the students to put an assignment in the folder, and I will tell them to take their folder home. I will remind them at the end of the day, also. I will not put the paper in for them, reach into their desk, or take the folder out and put it in their backpack.

At home, I expect that parents go through backpacks and empty them nightly. Planners also need to be signed nightly. Students may do homework independently and parents may oversee and check the homework. Parents may also help with the work if necessary. It is the child’s responsibility to take the homework and folder to and from school.

Thank you for your help and support in this effort to enhance your child’s academics.


We love to celebrate our friends' birthdays, but please be aware that no food items are permitted to be sent to school this year. Other simple treat (non-food) items, such as pencils, erasers, etc., are permitted.