EdTech Trailblazers

Blended Technology Integration Coaching Program

Chromebooks in Circle!

K-12 teachers in the Circle School district are using their Chromebooks daily to enhance their instruction. MontanaPBS visited Circle at the end of September to see how the program was progressing and to work with teachers in their classrooms during their planning time. Many of the teachers were eager to share all of the innovative ways they are using their Chromebooks. Here are just a few,

  • Use the Timer in the Google menu bar to give students a set period of time to finish their work
  • Run digital games from the Chromebook while the questions are projected on another computer
  • Let students use the Chromebook if other devices are not available
  • Check email, manage Google Tools
  • Monitoring assessment results as students finish their work in the digital math program
  • Monitor Seesaw--The Learning Journal- posts created by students
  • Conduct Fastbridge testing
  • Stay up to date on student work while working in all three buildings

EdTech Trailblazers Launched Wednesday August 8, 2018

K-12 teachers in Circle Schools began their journey on the EdTech trail last week. Each teacher was given a Chromebook to use for this program. The launch was a whole group training led by Nikki Vradenburg where teachers learned about using Chromebooks, PBS LearningMedia and more about the EdTech Trailblazer program. To learn more about this training event click on the Face to Face Training 1 tab at the top of the page.

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