Distance Learning

Expectations and Information

Moniteau School District has been in the planning stages of providing at-home "Distance Learning" for all students, which has undoubtedly been an intense and ongoing process. We will soon embark on a new adventure into learning through Google Classroom.

As we prepare to begin distance learning on Thursday, April 2nd, we want students and caregivers to be informed about expectations, access to District personnel, and procedures.

We know it is highly likely that unexpected issues will surface in the coming days. As these issues arise, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new environment during these unprecedented circumstances.

We cannot wait to reconnect with you; we are warriors. We will face these challenges and come out Warrior Strong!

Expectations for a School Day

Always follow the 4 B's

  1. Login and check on your Google Classroom(s):

    • Review Announcements and Class Assignments that your teacher has posted.

    • All students have access to email and should receive update notifications from their Classrooms.

  2. Completing Assignments:

    • Students are free to complete classwork at their own pace so long as assignments are submitted before posted deadlines. Parents of younger students may determine an appropriate pace for school work throughout the day.

    • We know that you may be sharing your computers with siblings and parents. Your teachers are taking great care to craft lessons that allow time for everyone in the household to share access to digital devices.

    • On occasion, teachers may broadcast live video streams of class lessons. Live streams will be announced in advance with instructions for accessing the stream.

  3. Accessing Google Classroom:

Live Class Interaction

Some of our teachers may also be using a live video feed such as Google Meet to interact with our students. This could occur with individual students, small groups, or whole classrooms. By joining a virtual group, you agree to participate and acknowledge that your child’s name (first and last) will be accessible to other student participants. With live video feeds, we are also unable to control who else may be in the room when a student is receiving these services remotely. If at any time, you are not comfortable with having your child participate in a Google Meet, please reach out to your child’s teacher to review other options.

Moniteau School District expects that all families review and implement the following guidelines and expectations to ensure that the confidentiality rights of all students are protected when live videos are used.

  1. Parent or Guardian shall make every effort to ensure that no one other than the student scheduled to participate can see or hear the live virtual session.

  2. No recordings will be made by the parent, guardian, or student of virtual live sessions.

  3. If parental or other third-party involvement in a virtual live session is necessary to enable a student to participate, the individual assisting the student shall not disclose any personally identifiable information about any student participating.

  4. When participating in a group, please be mindful of the educational environment and eliminate distractions that may divert the students’ attention away from learning.

Thank you for your support. Please contact your child’s teacher with specific questions.

Access to Teachers

  1. Teachers are available for student interaction through Google Classroom and through email during each school day between the hours of 8:00am and 3:30pm. Teachers will respond to emails within two hours of receipt during school hours. Correspondence with teachers outside of these hours may not receive a reply until the next school day.

  2. Teachers may schedule small group instruction time using Hangouts Meet for live interaction via video and/or audio conferencing.

  3. If teachers are reaching out to you by phone, the caller ID may show a "private number". Please answer these calls if you are able to. We will try our best to schedule all communication via email & Hangouts Meet, but there may be times that we will call parents/guardians if we are unable to communicate via other methods.

Technical Support

  1. If you have questions regarding internet access, please see our Internet Assistance page. There are many service providers providing free and reduced price services during this time. Please take advantage of these offers if you can!

  2. Check out our Doc: At Home Troubleshooting and Doc: Hotspot Help

  3. If you are experiencing a problem accessing class content for a specific class, your first point of contact will always be your class teacher who can connect you with the appropriate support resources if necessary.

  4. If you are experiencing an issue connecting to the internet or a hardware problem with any school-issued equipment, please contact the Moniteau Technology Department by emailing helpdesk@moniteau.org. If you are unable to access internet at all, you can also leave a voicemail at 724-637-2117 x1302.

  5. Please remember to always follow our Acceptable Use of Computer Technology policy.

Principal & Director Email Addresses

Contact Principals by email with any questions or concerns.

Continuity of Education Plan

Moniteau School District Continuity of Education Plan

Reminder: For the continued safety of our students, staff, and community, no one is permitted to enter the buildings during the school closure. All instructional materials will be provided online by the teachers.