S2 Open Dates and S1 Archive Dates for Courses in Schoology

  • Semester 2 Teachers open in Schoology on 12/14/20

  • Semester 2 Students and Parent/Guardians open in PowerSchool and Schoology on 1/8/21 after 4pm

  • Semester 1 Archived in Schoology for Teachers and Students on 1/14/21

Now you can create question banks for the Assessment Material in Schoology. You use to only be able to create them for the Test/Quiz Material before.

Coming soon to this feature:

  • Copy an item bank.

  • Copy one or multiple items to another item bank.

  • Add items from an assessment to an item bank.

  • Convert an existing test/quiz question bank to an item bank.

  • Random Pull: Currently, you may add individual items from an item bank to an assessment. We will be adding the ability to add a set number of randomly selected questions from an item bank to your assessment.

  • Create item banks from within an Assessment: We will be adding the ability to create an item bank directly within an assessment.

The current version of Items Banks gives instructors the ability to:

  • Create an item bank in resources.

  • Add questions to item banks.

  • Add questions from an item bank to an assessment.

Add Item Banks Resources to Add Resources to Add Item Banks

Advisor Dashboard in Schoology

With Advisor Dashboard in Schoology you can see student Schoology Courses, Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, Calendars, and Grades

Great tool for:

  • Paras

  • Resource Teachers

  • Special Day Class Teachers

  • Counselors

  • Admin

How to Find Missing Courses in Schoology

If you are having trouble finding your courses in Schoology and think they might be missing you need to check out this video. The courses are not missing but we are here to help show you how you can find them!

What NOT to do if you are given Admin Role in another Teacher Course

How to Unenroll in Schoology Course

If you are given Admin role in a Teacher Course and would like to unenroll, please do the following:

  1. Click on Members on the left side navigation in the Course

  2. Click the Settings Gear icon next to your name

  3. Choose Unenroll from the menu


Do Not Delete A Course