Teams with Schoology

NEW Pathway for Setting up Teams with Schoology for Teachers that will include:

  • No more guests allowed

  • Only your own students able to attend with their authentic real logins

  • Teachers will have the ability to turn off Chat in a Teams Meeting

Here are the videos how to setup Teams with Schoology for this new pathway:

Coming soon for resources we are working on next:

  • Handout guides on these steps for Teachers and Students and Student video in Spanish

  • How-to for Breakout Rooms with new pathway

  • How-to manage class roster in new pathway

  • How-to for Subs with new pathway

Still stay with current way for Sub Setup with Teams until the new process is in place for how Subs will use the new pathway setup. Sub Setup Video for Teachers

NEW How Teachers Setup Video Class Links for Teams in Schoology the Right Way

Part 1: Setup Teams & Schoology

Follow these steps to:

  1. Setup your Teams

  2. Setting Properties to turn off Chat

  3. Share it in Schoology

Part 2: Conduct Teams Video Meeting

Follow these steps to:

  1. Start your Teams Meeting Video

  2. Admit Students

  3. Take Attendance

  4. End Meeting the Correct Way

Tips for Setting Up Teams for this new pathway: start with your most trouble class with managing chat to setup first. Then pace out each day to setup and introduce the new setup to the next class until each class is setup day by day. You will need to manage the roster to each class Team for adding Members or removing members if students change classes. More resources on managing rosters coming soon.

NEW How Students Get to Schoology and Video Meeting The Right Way!

Students Video

How Students Get to Schoology and Video Meetup The Right Way!

The video shows students using Teams Web Browser to be universal for all students. Students who are on a Windows 10 student device are still okay to use the Teams App on the device.

Schools with Windows 10 Student Devices include: all Middle and High Schools except for Hanshaw, Davis, Johansen, and Elliott

Teachers and Students How to Reset Teams

Reset Teams Web or App

Reseting Teams helps with clearing out the cache and setting properties.

Helps for new student display names to show up and changes in a student profile picture to appear for all.

This reset would be done by all the Students and Teacher for each class.

Quality Check Your Current Daily Teams Video Meeting Links in Schoology

Quality Check Your Teams Link Permissions

If you are using your current Daily Class Video Meeting Links to Teams in Schoology then we suggest you do a quality control check on your current links to make sure the permissions are setup correctly for "Only Me" setting for the lobby and who can present.

Remember all students can and you should be expecting them all to sign into any Teams Meeting Link. Students can sign in if they use Teams on mobile app, web, or device app on their student device or a personal device. Do not admit Guests. Only Admit students who sign in correctly.

Verify Students in Teams

Correct Student Display Name in Teams
Hover mouse over Student Name or Profile Pic to verify

You can (1) hover your mouse over the student name or profile pic to (2) see if they are authentic sign in which will show their MCS District email address and School Site.

Remember have your students sign into Teams when they join your meetings and do not admit students with name ending in (Guest).

This change in display names for students will also carry over to their display name in Teams, Outlook, and Google.

How to fix Schoology Web Links like a Teams Meeting Link if students get an error

If your students get an error trying to click on a web link you have in Schoology you will want to take a look at this fix video. This can be the Teams Class Meeting Link or a website you are adding to your Schoology Course. When you create a link in Schoology you will want to make sure you turn off this "Display in new window" icon. When turned off it will show like in this image as grayed out.

Turn off Display in new window with a Link in Schoology