Microsoft Teams

New Features

New Teams Features Rolling Out

Hard Mute

Educators can keep collaboration to the right moments, hard audio mute students when it’s time to present then allow students to unmute themselves. This allows for the flexibility needed in class to help students stay focused, but also gives every student the opportunity to raise their hand and share their voice with the class.


The new Spotlight feature lets teachers and presenters lock their video as the main view for all students and meeting participants. This helps the presenter control the main video feed that a participant sees during the meeting.

Large Gallery and Together Mode

Large Gallery view lets you see up to 49 video feeds at once. You need to have switched to the New Meeting Experience to turn on Large Gallery view. Also, 10 or more attendees must be sharing their video for Large Gallery view to be available.

While in a Teams meeting, select the three-dots icon. If not grayed-out — that is, 10 or more videos feeds are active — select Large gallery.

Microsoft Teams Quick Tip Videos

Quick Tip Videos from Microsoft's Mike Tholfsen

Microsoft Teams, Flipgrid, Whiteboard, OneNote, PowerPoint, Immersive Reader and more you can find quick tip videos form Mike Tholfsen from Microsoft on his YouTube Channel.

Note: we are not using Teams Assignments as we have Schoology as our LMS for digital assignments

How to Update Teams and Turn On New Meeting Experience to get new features

This video will show Teachers how they can update and turn on the new experience mode in Teams for newer features such as Larger Gallery View and Together Modes!

Note: This is only for the Microsoft Teams App on the Windows 10 Devices. This is not yet available on the Teams web browser version that students are using and those on Chromebook devices.


Teams Create a Safe And Controlled Class Meeting

Guide for educators: before your meeting, during your meeting, and after your meeting

Try out Microsoft Teams for Education interactive demos

Teams Desktop vs Web Features

Teams Self paced Intro to Teams

Find what you need to get started on Teams all in one place from Microsoft at

Note: we are not using Teams Assignments as we have Schoology as our LMS for digital assignments


Delete a Student Post in the Chat

How to delete offensive/malicious posts and meeting chat messages as an educator

Just as owners can delete messages they’ve created, they can follow the same process to delete messages made by students.

Educators can hover over any offensive messages, and click the ellipsis in the top right corner of the text bubble. From the dropdown menu, they’ll have the option to delete the message. This is going to also apply to chat messages sent in channel meetings.

Delete a Student Post in Teams Chat

@mentions Settings to turn off for students to chat with each other

  1. Click on Teams on left side navigation of Teams and choose your class Team

  2. Select the three dots for the menu next to your Teams Class Name

  3. Choose Manage Team

  4. Select Settings

  5. Choose @mentions

  6. uncheck the two boxes to disable students ability to @mention each other and chat with each other

Part 1 Turn Off Teams Mentions for Students
Part 2 Turn Off Teams Mentions for Students

Default "Only Me" Meeting Option to Teams

Teams Meeting Options

New Default Option for newer created Teams Meetings

When a Teacher creates any Teams Meeting it will be set to "Only Me" for both the settings for:

  • Who can bypass the lobby

  • Who can present

This will mean only the Teacher who created the Teams Meeting will be able to start it and will need to admit others in it and only the Teacher will be able to have presentation rights in the meeting. The Teacher can click on an attendee name in the Teams Meeting and give them presentation rights.

Teams recording issue is fixed

The issue with Teams recording not working has now been fixed and all Teachers will be able to record and have access to those recordings of your Class Video Teams Meetings if you choose to record them.