Microphone Troubleshooting

Chrome Web Browser Microphone Fix

Chrome Pop-Up Message to Allow Microphone

When a Student or Teacher is in the Chrome Web Browser and you log into a video conference, Chrome will have a pop-up message for the user to choose "Allow" for it to use your microphone and/or webcam.

Chrome Fix to Change Allow Microphone Setting

If the Student or Teacher accidentally clicks "Block" to the pop-up message there is a fix.

  1. click the icon in the beginning of the web address bar

  2. select Microphone

  3. from the drop-down menu for Microphone choose "Allow"

Teams Microphone Fix

We are experiencing issues when students using the button to mute and unmute their microphone that causes the computer to not unmute the student the next time they try to use the same button. We are working on the issue but it is permanently muting students sometimes within the computer device settings itself outside of the video meeting application.

Please teach your students to use the keyboard shortcuts instead to mute/unmute their microphones. These shortcuts work for the Web and Desktop App version of Teams. We are advising students to use the Web version of Teams as that is the version that is the same on all Student Devices for Chromebook and Windows 10.

Both Chromebook and Windows 10 Student Device:

CTRL key + Shift key + M will mute/unmute

Personal Device MacOS: Command + Shift + M will mute/unmute

Teams Keyboard Shortcut to Mute and Unmute Mic

On the Windows 10 laptops, students may also need to do the following to fix microphone issues in Teams video meetings.

  1. Right before they are going to Join the Teams Meeting, students click on the Devices gear icon

  2. On the right side, click the Microphone drop-down menu

  3. Then choose "Microphone (Realtek High Definition)"

This will fix the microphone if the teacher is using the same meeting link in their course the setting will stay for that student. Students would have to do this for each Teams Meeting Link they click on initially but after that, it will keep the setting for them.

Choose Correct Mic in Teams