December Ed Tech eNews Updates

On this page you will find updated information on:

  • For Preschool and TK-6: Student device bags that have earbuds with microphones

  • For 7-12: Schoology Courses Semester 2 Opening Dates and Semester 1 Archive Dates

  • For All TK-12: Cleaning up Schoology Apps located in each Course moving to MCS App Portal

  • Coming soon the upcoming Bits and Bytes eNewsletter topics being released on 12/15/20

Preschool and TK-6 Student device bags that have earbuds with microphones

Distribution and Location

Earbuds with Microphones located in the front pocket of the student device bags were distributed to Elementary Schools. These were given out to Preschool through 6th grade students.

Students that received the new Dell Chromebook devices had these bags w/ the new Chromebook laptop placed in each of their classrooms. Earbuds with microphones were also located in those bags in the front pocket.

School sites that did not receive the new Dell Chromebook device for Students because they already had them from the beginning of the school year, the school sites distributed the bags that have the earbuds with microphones in the front pocket to the classrooms.

Student Earbuds with Mics

Earbuds with microphones

Earbuds with Mics in Front Pocket of Bags

Earbuds w/ mics in front pocket of student device bags

Plug and Play

No on/off or inline volume control on the earbuds with mics. Volume control would be done on the student device. Mute/Unmute would be done in the video conferencing app in Teams or Conferences.

Student Chromebook Audio Settings Step 1
Student Chromebook Audio Settings Step 2

Student Use

Student plugs earbuds into their student device. Chromebook will automatically use them for audio and microphone. If a student wanted to check if it is connecting:

  1. Click in bottom right corner to open control center

  2. Click on Audio Settings arrow next to speaker icon

  3. You will see that the Output will be using the Headphones (earbuds)

  4. You will see that the Input will be using the Mic jack (earbuds)

  5. If a student seems quite, they can increase their mic volume with this slider

7-12 Schoology Courses Semester 2 Opening Dates and Semester 1 Archive Dates

  • Semester 2 for Teachers available in Schoology on 12/14/20

  • Semester 2 for Students and Parent/Guardians available in PowerSchool and Schoology on 1/8/21 after 4pm

  • Semester 1 Archived in Schoology for Teachers and Students on 1/14/21

TK-12 Schoology Course App Clean Up Move to MCS App Portal

Apps Moving from Schoology to MCS App Portal

We will be cleaning up the list of apps listed on the left side navigation in Schoology Courses. They will now be in our MCS App Portal for the one-stop hub to access all apps.

This clean up of the list of apps in Schoology will be done on 1/11/2021.

Please develop routines with your students before the Winter Break to access these apps in the MCS App Portal.

Apps being moved from Schoology Course to MCS App Portal include:

  • BrainPop

  • Cengage Mindtap


  • Destiny

  • Discovery Education

  • Edge

  • Nearpod

  • PBIS Rewards

  • StudySync

December Bits & Bytes eNewsletter

12/15 Bits and Bytes eNewsletter December Edition

  • TechOrders Request New Apps

  • Ed Tech PD Training for January

  • How Did They Do That Live: Student Projects Showcase - Wed Dec 16 at 3:15pm-4:15pm

  • Schoology Course Setup Ideas

  • Schoology for 7-12 Grades: Semester 1 and Semester 2 Transition

  • Schoology Sync Tips

  • New Teams Features including Breakout Rooms!

  • Get Teams Updates

  • Lockdown Browser on Chromebook

  • Classroom Tech Setup Guide and How-To Video Using Classroom TV and Multiple Monitors