Uniform Requirements

The following requirements are for members of the 7th & 8th Grade Bands.

Students should be dressed formally for our concert performances. Casual or athletic clothing (i.e. jeans, tennis shoes, sweat pants, clothing with a hood, clothing with a logo, etc…) is not appropriate for a concert setting. Please follow these guidelines when preparing your attire for the concert evening:

  • BLACK clothing should be worn from the waist down including:
    • BLACK shoes
    • BLACK socks
    • BLACK pants
    • Ladies may wear a skirt or dress but must also wear BLACK nylons or stockings so that their attire is uniform with the other members of the ensemble.
  • WHITE clothing should be worn from the waist up including:
    • WHITE shirt
      • tucked in if necessary
      • sleeves rolled down if necessary

Special Note: Gentlemen will be provided a light blue tie from Mr. Nimtz to wear with their outfit. Students do not have to provide their own blue tie for our events.

The following recommendations are for members of the 6th Grade Band.

These types of clothing should be avoided for our EVENING CONCERTS:

  • Jeans of any color
  • Tennis shoes or other types of athletic shoes
  • Casual shoes including Crocs, flip flops, or similar types of casual "beach" shoes
  • Athletic clothing including warm-ups, sweatpants, yoga pants and/or similar "work-out" type clothing
  • Clothing with advertisements, slogans or messages that promote a company logo, unique message, etc...

Clothing that is considered semi-formal or dressed-up casual is encouraged.

For the concerts that take place during the school day, students may wear their school clothes.