National Meetings

Phase 1 Meetings

All meetings are open to staff in any institute with an interest in contributing to this national discussion.

The showbag sessions will be broadcast via zoom.

Phase 1 Meeting Details


NSW - Tuesday 3rd Dec - Sydney University TBC

VIC - Thursday 5th Dec - Melbourne CBD - TBC

QLD - Last week of January, 2020 - TBC

Time: 10am - 4:30pm

(lunch and light refershments will be provided)

Agenda: See right

  • The day will focus on existing good practice across the institutions (showbags).
  • Some showbags will be selected for a short 10 minute presentation to ground the discussion in practice.
  • All showbags will be available prior to the workshop so observations from them can be made as needed.

10.00am Welcome and background

10.15am Showbags & discussion - State-of-the-art in open access data

11.15am Showbags & discussion - State-of-the-art in sensitive data

12.15pm <lunch>

1.00pm Showbags & discussion State-of-the-art in (any one of):

              • Matching preservation and resourcing;
              • Managing end-of-life for data; or
              • Improving researcher participation

2.30pm <break>

2.45pm Round table on key issues arising

              • Observations and learnings from above
              • Where (internatationally) could we see this being done well
              • Emerging ARDC strategy
              • Next workshop agenda

4.30pm Close and thank you

The December meeting will focus on engaging all pillars across institutes through presentations of good practice that address the following topics;

  • Fair open-access data
  • Controlled access (sensitive) data
  • Matching preservation with resourcing
  • Management of end-of-life
  • Improving researcher participation

February Meeting

Date and location to be confirmed