Application process

Step one

Check the course entry requirements.

Non-Monash applicants: Student must complete a degree comparable to the Bachelor of Biomedical Science offered by Monash University. The entire academic record will be considered with an emphasis on the year 3 unit outcomes. As a guide, a comparable program in a Group of Eight (Go8) University would need an average of at least 70% in the year 3 subjects. Students will be required to provide certified documentation of their results and course completion. When submitting an application, please submit the academic results achieved to date.

Step two

Find a project and supervisor. Information on research areas and projects can be obtained from the Honours Coordinators. You can also look at our Key Research Areas booklet. Once you have chosen a research area it is your responsibility to contact relevant staff and arrange a project and supervisor. This can be a time-consuming process so make sure you start well in advance of the application closing date. Please also contact your Honours Coordinator to inform them that you are applying (see next page for contact details).

Step three

Submit the following forms:

      1. A local departmental/school/institute project application form. Forms can be obtained from the Honours Coordinator in the area that you intend to undertake your project. These forms will be returned to your Honours Coordinator.
      2. Complete the appropriate project online application form:

a). This form is to be completed by Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Course code M2003) students and students applying from external universities please complete this online google form - M3702 Project Application form. Then go to step 3.

b). This form is to be completed by Bachelor of Biomedical Science Advanced (Honours) student only - M3004 Project Application form (online google form) to have your project approved. Do not complete step 3 the e-admission form as you will automatically be enrolled in the honours units it you meet the the 70% average required to progress to the fourth year of the course.

3. eAdmission form – all students to complete (except for those enrolled in the Bachelor of Biomedical Science Advanced (Honours))

Step four

Receive application outcome. Once assessed by the Course Management Committee, application outcomes will usually become available in late December for semester 1 intake and mid July for semester 2 intake.

Step five

The official start date is O week of semester - 24th February 2020 for semester 1 intake and 20th July 2020 for semester 2 intake.

Successful applicants attend compulsory training sessions in O week. The Honours program commences in Orientation Week of the semester (see Semester dates). Please note the dates ahead of time and ensure that you are available as there will be no exceptions. It is your responsibility to adjust holiday plans or other commitments, as necessary, in order to attend this session.