7th Grade Science:

Systems & Cycles

Ms. Johnson

413-625-0192 x1172; djohnson@mohawkschools.org


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E=mc2 is on-going

10/16: Water Cycle worksheet, due 10/18

10/10: Regina/Roger the Rock Cycle story, comic, or diary entries, due 10/13

10/5: NewsELA Close Read mark-up, due Fri, 10/6

10/3: Graphing, due Thurs, 10/5

9/29: Complete Big E bar graph & analysis questions, due Mon, 10/2

9/25: ck12: Water Cycle module, due Fri, 9/29

9/20: Give parent tie-dye letter

9/18: ck12.org Scientific Inquiry module, due Fri, 9/22;

9/14: Scientific Method: There's a Method to the Madness; due Tu, 9/18; if you have email & didn't get a chance during class or study hall, send me an email (djohnson@mohawkschools.org) telling me what you studied (question/problem), what you thought would happen (hypothesis), and what you found out (conclusion)

9/13: none

9/12: finish writing up first page of experiment you designed (through procedures); due W, 9/13

9/11: finish Bubblegum lab conclusion questions; due Tu, 9/12