Check Out Policies

Grades K-1: 1 book/week

Grades 2-3: 2 books/week

Grades 4-6: 2 books, 1 magazine/week

Library Policies

  • All library items check out for one week, and can be renewed if more time is needed. Books are stamped inside with a due date.

  • Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their library books.

  • Lost items will be charged the price of the book plus a $2.50 processing fee.

  • Unpaid fines will remain on the student’s account from year to year until paid.

But I returned that book?!?

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, but even we make mistakes! If your child claims the book has been returned, please contact the library staff. We will take a special look for the item. Sometimes it shows up, and we are glad to find it! Sometimes, the book has found its way to a hidden corner of a bedroom or backpack, so we may ask you to take another look for it too.

If any item is lost or damaged, we will charge for the replacement cost of the book and processing fees.