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Online quizzes

Test your mastery of Science concepts through online quizzes.

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SA2 Revision

The following links are made for you to self-check your work as you revise with practice paper.

Always ask if you do not understand something.

SA2 Revision Paper Set 1 Booklet B (Suggested answers)

SA2 Revision Paper Set 2 Booklet B (Suggested answers) [NEW]

Home-based learning.

2 August 2018

Revise Electrical System. <click me>

You can use the app to test the circuits before answering.


How good is your CER. Click here to find out.

Circuit construction application

Use this application to experiment.

Water and changes of state.

Let us learn about this topic together.

Click here to start your journey.

Water cycle

Why is water important?

Find out in today's (Monday, 12 Feb 2018) lesson.

Head over to <click me>

Basic unit of life

Review Quiz

Here you will find an online quiz to revise some of the concepts learned in the topic of cells.

Instructions to access the quiz:

  • Log in to
  • Use class code: xcr9499
  • Click 'Join my class'
  • Type your 'full name' This will help me print the report and pass it to you to file in your Science File.
  • Click 'Create'
  • Click on 'Basic Unit of life' to start

Video presentations

Find here your group's presentation of the 3D model of cells.

<click me>

Review of parts of cells and how to differentiate between a plant cell and an animal cell. <Click me>

Activity 4.2

Use the pictures below to complete the activity and reflection. Submit quality work to Mr Stephen.

Cell A

Cell B

Cell C

Preparing slides

In order to prepare a slide to observe under the microscope with confidence watch the video below.

12 Jan 2018