Welcome 2023 Secondary 1 parents

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TPSS places great emphasis on working closely with parents as part of a common quest to develop your child holistically.

We nurture the students to:

  • be self-directed learners who question, reflect, persevere and take responsibility of their own learning.

  • be able to manage challenges and make ethical responsible decisions to thrive in the VUCA (volatilite, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) future.

  • be confident, respectful and display integrity when interacting with others.

We want to develop and strengthen mutual understanding, respect and trust between parents and the school for the benefit of your child.

Hence, to achieve the desired meaningful partnership with you, we would like to highlight these generic parenting practices for your consideration.


Positive communication between the school and parents helps the students improve their holistic achievement and development. Hence, two-way communication is important to identify the best strategies for your child's development.

To establish communication with you, we would appreciate if you could:

  1. indicate your preferred mode of communication with the form teachers at the start of the year (for example, email, telephone call or text message).

  2. initiate contact with form teacher at least once per term or when there is a change in the home environment.

  3. have open conversations with the teachers and your child to complement the effort in their holistic development.

You may refer to the key personnel page for more details.


The school conducts parent engagement sessions such as sharing workshops, educational briefing and parent-teacher conferences, to keep you informed about the latest updates in the education system and your child's school matters.

We would like to encourage your participation so you can understand and be more confident about in guiding your child through their secondary education and adolescent development.

You may refer to the calendar page for latest information on upcoming sessions.


The school welcomes parent volunteers to enhance and enrich the school experience for your child. Parents have a rich resource of knowledge and expertise that can bring about invaluable learning for the students. We also fully understand that parents are busy and have little or no spare time. Thus, the school appreciates the help we get.

We share volunteering opportunities through announcements on Parents Gateway. You can also join the parent support group, Parents-as-Partners Network, to find out more about being involved in the school community.

You may refer to the PPN page for more details.


Most of your child’s learning happens at home with you and your family. Hence, a conducive home environment where your child feel secure and can complete theirschool assignments daily is important for their progress.

To develop your child into an independent learner, we would like to encourage you to:

  1. put in place appropriate home routines to instil discipline (for example, duration to complete homework, time for play and exercise and going to bed at a fixed time).

  2. encourage them to take personal responsibility (for example, initiate consultations with teachers to seek clarifications, practising responsible online behaviour, helping out in household chores).

  3. encourage your child to be resilient and learn from consequences (for example, when they are unable to complete their homework or forget to bring items to school).

  4. guide your child in managing disappointments (for example, when they do not win a prize or is not selected to represent the school) so that they will learn to manage their emotions appropriately.

When your child expresses concerns about the school, find out more from them and help them to consider ways to resolve their issues. Do initiate conversations with their form teachers so tha they can be supported.

Alone, we can do little. Together, we can do much more. We look forward to working with you.

Thank you.