Your success starts with the most suitable subject combination 

Your final option of subject combination should take into account:

Choosing a Suitable Subject Combination

2024 Subject Registration Briefing (Draft).pptx.pdf

Begin with the End in Mind - (1) Identify your Talents, Interests & Aspirations

Use the following guidelines to help you make a well-informed decision on your subject combination: 

One way to help you get an idea of what careers might be suitable for you would be to do a career profiling assessment. There are many of such tools that you can find with a simple web search. You can also go to the 'MySkillsFuture Portal' to take the career profiling assessment.

Note: If you cannot access the site:

Begin with the End in Mind - (2) Checking Up University Course Requirements

Having identified potential careers of interest, consider the following: 

Information on Local University Courses (Updated 2024)

The handbook below presents key 'Information on Local University Courses'. This document allows you to see what are the 'A' level subject requirements for your desired University Course. Further information and details can be obtained via the websites of the respective universities. 

University Prerequisite Handbook_Updated 2024_30Jan.pdf

Before you Confirm your Choice of Subjects

Consider the following questions: 

Subject Combinations offered at CJC (Updated 2024)

2024 Subject Combinations with summary.pdf

Additional Resources

Seniors' Sharing (Recorded)

As part of the college’s efforts to guide you in your selection of subject combination, we have invited some of your seniors from both the Arts and Science streams to share their experiences with you, including:

Whether or not you are considering changing your subject combination, do take some time to listen to the perspectives and advice of your seniors. Take the opportunity as well to raise any further questions that you may have to make your decision, or to ascertain your choices. Hear about the different subjects from the perspective of a JC2, the differences between secondary school and JC life, the typical timetable of a JC student, and some study and time management tips you need to settle in and better navigate JC life.

Sharing by Beatrice (H2 Geog, Econs, Lit, and H1 Math)

Subject Combi sharing Beatrice [GELm] .mp4

Sharing by Gwen (H2 Biology, Chemistry, Math, and H1 Econs)

Sharing By Gwen (BCMe).mp4

Sharing by Shin (H2 Physics, Chemistry, Math, Econs)

Shin 4H2 script.mp4

Advice from Ms Saira, MOE's Education & Career Guidance Counsellor

Pay close attention to Ms. Saira, an MOE ECG Counsellor, as she shares tips on how you can select a subject combination based on your talents, interests and aspirations.

Students who wish to see our ECG Counsellor, Ms. Joys Lin, for personalised guidance on choosing their subject combinations, or for other ECG-related matters, may schedule an appointment using this link


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You can also browse through the MySkillsFuture website to understand more about the Singapore Education landscape and explore the Educational Institutions and courses. 

With hard work, the right mindset and willingness to seek help when needed, I am ready to work towards my future.