Your success starts with the most suitable subject combination

Your final option of subject combination should take into account:

  • Your level of interest in the subjects. Do speak to the teachers at the subject consultation booths, and also access your level of interest during Matriculation week and the reading the subject syllabus.
  • Your strengths (subjects you are better able to perform in).
  • The University prerequisites of possible degree choices which may lead to Career options you are interested in.
  • Understand more by listening and speaking to your Seniors.

Begin with the end in mind.

  1. How do I wish to contribute back to society in terms of my career?
  2. If you do not know what you want to do (which is natural), you can think about which careers seem interesting to you? Or, what would you definitely not want to do?

We will be doing a career profiling test based using the 'MySkillsFuture Portal' to help you get an idea of what careers might be suitable for you. However, there are many career profiling tests that you can find with a simple web search and you can use these to guide you.

Note: If you cannot access the site:

  1. Call the helpdesk (66849020) to ask them to help you to reset your password.
  2. Click on 'forgot your password?' and the system will generate a password to send to the email account you have linked it to.
  3. Do not forget the password. This a site with lots of useful information that you can use especially when you complete your 'A'levels.
  1. Which University course do I need to do to get there?
  2. Which University offers it?
  3. Does my preferred University Course have prerequisite 'A' level subjects?

Do not assume that you know what is the prerequisite 'A' level subject for your preferred course, Eg. A”-level Biology is not a pre-requisite for studying Medicine in the National University of Singapore. The requirement is actually H2 Chemistry + Either H2 Physics or Biology.)

Once you know which career you want, you can browse through the website below to understand more about the Singapore Education landscape and explore the Educational Institutions and courses.

You may also read through the 'Information on Local University Courses' below. This document allows you to see what are the 'A' level subject requirements for your desired University Course.

University Prerequisite Compiled 2019.docx
  1. What are the subjects that I qualify for? (Please read the document below to see the combinations you can choose from and the criteria for choosing the desired subject.)
  2. Which subjects interest me?( Do not be silly and follow the crowd. Read the syllabus to see what you are in for.
  3. What subjects do I tend to have the flair for? (Students who offer subjects they are good at and are interested in tend to perform better than those who take what they think is the “safe route”. Having said that, it is good to learn from your seniors how the subject is different at 'A' levels, do not assume it is exactly the same.)

Hear from your Seniors.

This is a session provided for you to ask any further questions that you may have to aid your subject selection. You may hear about the different subjects from the perspective of a JC2, the differences between secondary school and JC life, the typical timetable of a JC student, and some study and time management tips you need to survive.

  1. What are some questions I need to ask my seniors in order to make the best decision regarding subject selection? E.g. a) Physics or Bio? b) Econs or another contrasting subject?
  2. What are some things I can ask them in order to best be prepared for my 2 years ahead?

Seek help from the ECG Counsellor (Ms Saira)


Every EVEN Mon and Tues

from 8 am- 5 pm.


Talkspace in library


To have a chat with Ms Saira, fill in the form at

ASK about:

Career Interest Profiling

Career and further education choices advice

Resume writing and interview preparation

Scholarship preparation

With hard work, the right mindset and willingness to seek help when needed, I am ready to work towards my future.

2018 Subject Combinations with summary (10Jan 2018) (1).doc