Learning Experiences @ SBPS

Students in Sembawang Primary School enjoy authentic learning experiences which their teachers had planned for them. Learning beyond the classroom enhances their joy of learning. Furthermore, students in each level have customised learning programmes which cater to the five key domains of holistic education- cognitive, social, moral, aesthetic and physical.

2021 Interview of Elected Prefects by our Young Journalists

After the 2021 Head Prefect Election, six of our SBPS Young Journalists conducted interviews with the elected prefects to find out more about their election journey.

Lucas Zhao (3 Respect) and Jalen Liang (5 Respect) interviewed Tivsha Ng Yi Jun (6 Resilience).

Agrawal Rayansh Keshav (3 Respect) and Patil Nishka Sajesh (5 Resilience) interviewed Head Prefect, Quek Seng Ee (6 Respect).

Ng Ser Teng, Joy (4 Gratitude) and Tan Ler Yee (5 Respect) interviewed Vice-Head Prefects, Rameshkumar Tejashwini (6 Resilience).

Ler Yee, Joy - Interview of Teja.MP4

Interview of Tejashwini by Ler Yee and Joy

Lucas Zhao, Jalen Liang - Interview of Tivsha.MP4

Interview of Tivsha by Lucas and Jalen

Nishka, Rayansh - Interview of Seng Ee (2).MP4

Interview of Seng Ee by Nishka and Rayansh