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Structured Home-Based Learning Days for 2023

The school has planned for five structured Home-Based Learning (HBL) Days for Secondary 1 to 5 students to support them in Blended Learning and Student-Initiated Learning (SIL).

On these structured HBL days, students engage in curriculum work and learning outside of academic subjects. The structured HBL days aim to develop students’ mindsets and habits for self-directed learning.

The dates for the structured HBL days for Semester 1 are as follows:

9 Feb 2023 (Term 1 Week 6, Thu)

23 Feb 2023 (Term 1 Week 8, Thu)

6 Apr 2023 (Term 2 Week 3, Thu)

20 Apr 2023 (Term 2 Week 5, Thu)

18 May 2023 (Term 2 Week 9, Thu)

Overview of HBL@Riverside

At Riverside Secondary School, we strive to provide an effective and conducive home based learning experience for our students. The school adopts a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning modes to engage students and communicate lesson objectives.

The Student Learning Space (SLS) and Google Classroom are adopted as the main learning platforms while Zoom is employed for synchronous interactions with our Riversidians. All Secondary 1 to 3 students are also equipped with a Personal Learning Device (PLD) under the National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP) and can tap on the various affordances provided by the PLD.

HBL Guides

Semester 1 HBL & SIL Student Briefing (6 Feb 2023)

School Information

School Operating Hours

Monday - Friday:  0800 - 1700

Students are advised to contact the various channels depending on the nature of the issue.

Password Reset

Students may contact their form teachers or subject teachers for assistance.

Students may also fill in the e-Form HERE.

After school operating hours, students are advised to contact the SLS Helpdesk. 

Hotline: 6702 6531

Email: helpdesk@sls.ufinity.com

Kindly include your full name, name of school and form class in your email.

Other Technical Issues

Kindly call the School General Office at 6269 9631.

Student iCON, GSuite, Google Classroom

(for @students.edu.sg)

Password Reset

Students may fill in the e-Form HERE.

Other Technical Issues

Students may contact their form teachers for assistance.

iPad Technical Issues

Students may fill in the e-Form HERE.

Good Habits for Live Broadcast Lessons

Give yourself and others an opportunity to learn!

Questions to ask yourself:

Are you ready?

Are you prepared?

Do you have ownership of your learning?

How to stay engaged throughout the lesson?

Have been sitting for a long while during HBL?

Let Mr Chin & Mdm Ain teach you how to have a proper posture!

Proper posture

Stretching Exercises (1 min)

Remember to stretch while working on your HBL!

Eye Massage (6 min)

Let your eyes take a well-deserved break!

Simple exercises to do at home

Adaptation of "You will be Found"

Feeling stressed?

There are friends around us to help lift us when we feel lost and broken. Reach out, and you'll rise again.

Let's listen to our very own Mr Chong as he sings and plays for us!

Jamie_you will be found.mp4