Parents' Voice

Aarav (3D)

Our son is always happy to go to school and full of stories when he returns. The school staff is very compassionate and the various co-curricular activities help them to learn with better understanding. The recycle project initiated by the school has enouraged children to use everyday objects as valuable and purposeful. The entire school is aesthetically decorated to encourage a thinking-rich environment.

Adawyah (2C)

My daughter had really enjoyed her time in school. She always looks forward to the activities that had been planned by the school. The teachers are always there for their students. She also likes her teachers and enjoys their lessons. Thank you for the encouragement and support given.

Arya (2E)

The teachers are very friendly and the school has a community spirit that makes the students feel at home. We wish that there are more outdoor activities with parents.

Christie (2C)

My daughter is always very excited about the festive celebrations in school. They get to experience different cultures. She loves the food in school as well. It is good that she loves to go to school. She likes all her teachers.

Jayden Tan (2E)

I’m delighted to know and see that my son is enjoying himself so much in school. The school is clean and orderly. We wish to have more of parent-child bonding activities and the kids will have fond memories of their growing years.

Cheng Nuo Xuan

I like Oasis Primary School because of the values and 7 Habits taught. The school teachers are also very patient and concerned about the students. My girl enjoys her school life which is the most important factor in her learning journey.


Oasis Primary School's principal and teachers are caring and friendly.


The curriculum and activities planned made learning enjoyable and interesting. Through the teachers’ creative teaching, students would never find the topic boring nor rigid and would even look forward to learning more new things.

The communication application provided by the school is useful and teachers’ responses are fast too. The app allows parents to be updated of the school activities as well as the child’s progress.

Thank you and please keep up the good work!


We see Oasis Primary School as a fun and learning place for the young ones to pick up all the necessary knowledge, moral values, skills and etc. We hope the school will continue to keep up the good work and prepare my child and others for their future.

Jayden Azfie

I like Oasis because my son is schooling happily there.


The school is equipped with appropriate facilities, well managed classrooms and generally clean environment. The walls of the building are vibrantly coloured too.


OPS has the most awesome educators. The programmes arranged for the students are all relevant to this new generation of children. We foresee that students graduating from this school to be able to match up to students from elite schools.

Alexis Tham

My daughter is happy to study at this school. Every morning, she is excited to get ready for school. When she comes home, she is full of stories of how well her day went at school. She is growing up beautifully and able to prioritize her tasks. OPS teachers are doing a great job in building up our younger generations.


We like the school for their approachable & friendly teachers. We strongly believe that the introduction of their school values & 7 Habits is a great way of building a strong foundation for our children.