The National Dream: Ticket Reservation

Greetings, and we look forward to seeing you at this year's NJ Musical on the 2nd of August, 7.30pm!

Please note the following instructions for reserving a ticket:

  • The ticket reservation form is located at You can only reserve one ticket at a time.
  • Tickets are priced at $105, $85, $65, $50, $35 (restricted view) across the different categories. (Book your tickets before 15 July for $10 off the ticket price! This does not apply to Cat 5 ($35) tickets.)
  • Do note that all Cat 3 tickets are now sold out.
  • Please refer to our seating plan to note down your seat of choice. Do note that the seating plan is NOT dynamic. You will have to use the Google reservation form to select your seats.
  • Some important notes on the Google reservation form:
    • A seat that does not appear in the dropdown list has been reserved by another user. The dropdown list does not auto-refresh - before submitting any information, please refresh the page to ascertain that the seats you want are still available.
    • You will be sent an email confirmation for the ticket you have reserved.
    • Change of seats is not permitted, so please make your selection of seats carefully!
  • Bulk orders (5 tickets and above) are allowed - please send us an email at instead of using the form.
  • Upon reservation, you may make your payment in cash or cheque personally at NJC's General Office during working hours within seven days. The General Office is open during the June school holidays. Direct cash transfers are not allowed.

Thank you, and please email us at if you have any queries for us, or if you have problems making your reservation through the form.