information communication technology (ICT) Dept

Our Vision

Every Fuchunian, a Future-ready and Digitally Responsible Learner

Our Mission

To develop proficient and responsible users of technology through a quality ICT-based total curriculum and learner-centric environment.

Our Approach

We believe that in an increasingly complex and volatile world, our students need to be equipped with the skills to navigate, collaborate and connect in the digital world.

Our teachers play an important role to achieve this by designing personalised learning experiences and environments that harness ICT to engage our students.

Overview of MOE’s ICT Masterplan 4

(i) Strengthen

When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters -- one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.
John F. Kennedy

The Covid-19 crisis presented many opportunities for curriculum innovation and positive transformations in the mode of lesson delivery. When precautionary measures stipulated that staff and pupils could no longer gather in large groups in the hall, we needed to find new ways of engaging our students.

This was when the ICT department explored the use of YouTube Live as a means to deliver assembly talks to the student population. With the strong support of the school leadership, we also supported teachers and students during the implementation of Full Home-Based Learning by enrolling all of them in the G-Suite Education program and creating Google Classrooms for all Primary 3 to Primary 6 students.

While online lessons and tasks were assigned mainly from the Student Learning Space (SLS), teachers and students could also learn via the Google Classroom or other educational websites.

Through the use of Video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet, students also got to participate in 'live' lessons where teachers explained the more difficult concepts and gave feedback on their submitted work.

(ii) Support

To better prepare pupils to meet future needs, our teachers go through ICT training at different stages and transfer the learning to our pupils. During their six years in Fuchun Primary School, our pupils acquire a wide repertoire of New Media Literacy Skills such as differentiating between accurate and fake news, doing accurate information searches online as well as ICT skills such as Microsoft Office Skills training, Video and Photo editing, as well as digital photography.

To create opportunities for our students to learn anywhere and anytime, the ICT department mounted the i-Learn and Play (i-LAP) program for pupils to use the iPads along the walk zone as well as the multi touch table in the library for learning and playing of educational games outside curriculum hours.

(iii) Stretch

In 2019, our Primary Six students participated in the Pilot for the Code for Fun programme developed by MOE and IMDA. During the program, students were exposed to lessons on Computational Thinking, Coding and Artificial intelligence. They were also taught basic programming concepts such as events, loops, variables and functions.

The workshop allowed the students to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills by breaking down problems into bite-sizes. Students also collaborated in groups to program a dance using their Sphero robotic kits!

Students who have demonstrated interest and higher aptitude are also given opportunities to level up their skills and knowledge in ICT by participating in ICT-Cyber Wellness related Competitions e.g. “What’s Your Story?” Cyber Security poster competition, Minecraft Education Edition Student Build Challenge.